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Getting started with Android :)

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by ahlmo, Dec 7, 2009.

  1. ahlmo

    ahlmo Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hello all.

    I am new on android, and this forum.
    I will just say, nice forum.

    I am new as developing Java/Android, so i hope i can get started here.

    My first question is: What android phone would be great to buy?
    I have looked at Htc Hero and Htc Tatoo, but u are welcome to recommend your phone :)

    My second question is: I can see Java and Android coding is not "totally" the same?

    Is there any who know some good books for learning this beatifull language, so i can code Android :)

    Hope to see some good answers. :)

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  2. regulatre

    regulatre Newbie

    I'd recommend getting a cheaper Android book to learn the basics and use the online Android javadoc to fill in the gaps. And the net has tons of samples. The android devleopers page (above) also has detailed steps for setting up Eclipse and the Android SDK.

    I picked up the Motorola Droid for $200. The HTC touch was also available for $100. The Droid has a flip-out keyboard which is well worth the $100 to me. But you have to decide for yourself.

  3. drake

    drake Newbie

    it might just be worth going with whichever android phone (if any, that is) your current network offers. youtube may be a place to get a general feel for the device, or at least how well it is received by others. i'm too new to android to really comment on the code....

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