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Getting the Inspire? You'll have to change your data plan

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by chief113, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. chief113

    chief113 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    AT&T's 4G policies revealed | Android Central

    Did you guys see this yet? Basically, at@t says if you want a 4G phone, you can't have unlimited data. I was just wondering what everyone thinks about this. I kind of don't care about losing my unlimited data because I never come close to even 400mb. So 2gigs is plenty for me. I'm pretty sure that all new phones in the smartphone category will all be 4G, so there's no way around it. I'm actually happy that I still only have to 25 for data instead of 35 or worse like Verizon is going to do.

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  2. Blanco720

    Blanco720 Android Enthusiast

  3. Plus I bet that I will walk out Sunday without any changes
  4. Bosco3

    Bosco3 Newbie

    1-What happens if I buy one off contract and put my iPhone sim in it?

    2-Why was the "monkey wrench" thread deleted?!?

  5. I don't know that's what im wondering. When is swap my sim Sunday will the system do a sweep and change my plan after the fact
  6. _Cody_

    _Cody_ Member

    I believe they do a check on your phone the week prior to your billing cycle. Don't quote me on that though.

  7. I remember when I had the Nexus S they lowered me to the 10 dollar edge plan. Then a week later I get a text message that the system changed my plan. So im wondering if they will downgrade existing unlimited plans after the fact
  8. tylerdurdin

    tylerdurdin Android Enthusiast

    That thread was most likely deleted because of the amount of attacking and bad mouthing, second last time I was in AT&T the idiot manager said that pretty much all unlimitied data will be eliminated for every phone with a HTML browser. He said that was the easiest way to know if you could keep your plan. Some people skated through but the people who did are going to be cut off at the next resign. Iused to have the unlimited but said I was unable to keep it even when I said I would go to sprint, but they are not great where I live.
  9. Ok just got off the phone with At&t and spoke to two people a CSR and a manager. They both assured me that any grandfathered feature unlimited data included can only be removed by you personally opting out. So switching to a 4G phone will not.require loosing unlimited data!! :)
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  10. sgt50

    sgt50 Newbie

    Same thing I was told when I called earlier.
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  11. Chapp1e

    Chapp1e Android Enthusiast

    Good stuff Andrea, let's hope that's the case! I'd think if not, and I don't have to sign anything/I'm not given a warning at the time of purchase, it would void my contract, so we'll see how that goes.
  12. Allenfx

    Allenfx Android Enthusiast

    Wow....one bad announcement and we have 3 threads totally 100 posts in record time.... (this post makes it #100 but someone else will beat me to it im sure).

  13. No problem. The guy actually quoted a section of a contract stating they can not force you out of grandfather plans. The only exception is if they don't offer the service. For instance when edge data goes away one.day they will.no longer support edge data plans

  14. We should maybe have a mod merge these lol
  15. mattbe213

    mattbe213 Android Enthusiast

    This really doesn't phase me. I already knew what I was going to choose for data, and that is the $25 data plan. I don't need unlimited, nor is it available, so I'm good.

  16. 104: Next Bill Cycle: 04/12/2011
    Data (MB): 256.9 of Unlimited
    Data (MB): 179 of Unlimited (Deactivated)
    Messaging: 0 of Unlimited

    Don't know what deactivated means. I was told when I upgraded from my 3GS that I would still have my unlimited plan also.

    Sorry for bringing back a dead thread, but i just recently got this phone.
  17. PSXBatou

    PSXBatou Well-Known Member

    I had the same thing on the first billing cycle. The deactivated is the iPhone unlimited data, since you don't have that anymore. The other one should be the Personal Smartphone HSPA+/4G. You didn't cut and paste everything.
  18. Talderon

    Talderon Android Expert

    I have had my Inspire for a few weeks now, had warranty replacements done, verified at the store and with CSR on the phone. I have Unlimited Data on a family plan and they said that they have put the 4G provisioning on my line and there is no need, or no plans to force those off grandfathered unlimited plans unless they change their plans significantly.

    Not sure about the ruckus on this one. Rather than reading articles and going off the handle, check it out in the real world. :)
  19. Yes I did. This was the text I got from calling *data#
  20. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    This still applies

    I have mine, my Inspire is FAST, and we don't even have 4G YET :)
  21. This phone is fast!
  22. Aatos.1

    Aatos.1 Android Enthusiast

    Yes it is.

    Also I just thought of another tip to pass on.

    You should be sure to turn off your phone (any mobile phone on any carrier) completely at least every other day. Even if only for a full minute.

    Here's why. AT&T is busy pushing out small software updates to make your phone faster on the network and to correct issues that crop up from time to time. These are specific to the network, not Android or any mobile OS.

    If you do NOT turn off your phone you will not get these right away, if ever. By turning off your phone you are disconnecting it from the network.

    It's during the period of time when you turn it back on that triggers the network to push out the updates. So be sure to do that.
  23. i upgraded over the internet - which forced me to switch from unlimited to the 25.00 package, however after going into the store they were able to switch me back to unlimited
  24. greg4android

    greg4android Android Enthusiast

    I just decided I wasn't going to give $25.00 for 2MB of data.
    AT&T are such greedy a**holes.

    Being on wi-fi 80% of the time anyway, its like throwing $25 a month to the dogs.

  25. Goodeye

    Goodeye Newbie

    Ya I was able to keep my unlimited plan and still move to 4G data.
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