Getting used to Android after using iOS for awhile?

Hello. I recently decided to switch from an iPhone 4S to an HTC One, mainly because of all the additional features and software customization features that come with Android. However, I haven't found myself particularly fond of Android in the sense that it's just somewhat less seamless than iOS. Things just don't feel as smooth, and apps don't perform as well as I'm used to on iOS. However, I'm not sure if this is due to HTC Sense overlay, or the base Android software. Does anyone who has used both know if stock Android would better than HTC Sense? If so, if I went about rooting and installing a stock android ROM on my phone, is it likely that T-Mobile will terminate my service and give my phone a "Bad ESN?" If stock Android isn't much smoother, are there any apps/customization tweaks that you would recommend instead to improve my experience? Very sorry for the long thread, but any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.


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Stock android is almost always smoother and faster than the carrier skin.

As rooting is completely legal, I dont see T-Mobile cancelling your service, and they almost certainly couldn't blacklist it. Its your phone, blacklisting is typically only used in the event the phone is stolen.

If you're unsure about rooting, try using a launcher replacement such as nova


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Also i find android 4.2 UI feels a bit laggy so change the animation scales in developer options to x,5 or even off and the UI feels more snappy. Also as Rxpert says try a launcher like Nova. And purer android is a lot faster than sense ui but i doubt youd notice much difference within an app. The "good" thing about iOs is theres only a few phones running it so the apps are a lot more optimised for the phones :thumbup:


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Even TouchWiz on my GS3 is pretty snappy, I only get occasional lag if I'm running graphics-intensive games, which also caused some lag on my iPhone 4


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i am sorry you do not like.. or feel that the phone is as good as your iphone 4S.
comparing 4S with HTC one..

these new phones are very powerful.. and if you feel that they do not fulfill your expectations.. I dont think anything will.

so it might be for the best.. that you use what YOU like.. iphones.


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Heck games often crashed to desktop in my iPhone. Specifically pinball arcade and zen pinball. When they did play they lagged often during intensive play. It is a bit more stable in Android and if you have a high end device, which the HTC One is, you shouldn't have any problems that wouldn't also be evident in iOS. I have yet to see an app not responding dialog or "unfortunately, X has stopped" on my Nexii or GS3 yet. For awhile Android did leave a bad taste in my mouth until I realized that to get a good experience, at least, one as fluid as in iOS, you likely have to pay the same price. android does have the benefit of being cheaper but sadly reliability isn't going to be cheap. And I'm saying this as a former long-time Apple fan and someone who was heavily invested in their app and iTunes stores. I used to hate Android. Key words "used to"


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Can you give some examples? I'm using a One and it is certainly as smooth as my daughter's 4s. The 4.2 update did make some animations smoother, though I noticed that mostly in 3rd party apps, so if you've not received that yet it may help you. Although rooted I'm still running the stock ROM at the moment, but using a third party launcher (Apex, but there are many others).

You could try going into the developer options, advanced, and try forcing it to use the gpu for 2d rendering. I've not done this but have seen that some custom ROMs do, so that suggests that some people think it's an improvement. Easy to undo if not. If you are on 4.2 you'll need to activate the developer menu - go into settings, about, software info, more and tap repeatedly on "build number" until it tells you you are now a developer. Stupid as it is, in 4.2 you need to do that to unhide the menu! :eek: