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Ghost Armor 14.99 + 10% off (plus an hdmi conversion question)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by kaisies, May 19, 2010.

  1. kaisies

    kaisies Well-Known Member
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    First Post, go easy :)

    Ghost armor is offering a "pre order" special, full body for price of screen protector:

    HTC EVO 4G Ghost Armor - HTC - HTC EVO 4G - Ghost Armor | cases, screen-protectors, shields, skins, covers, armor

    PLUS an easy google search gives a 10% off coupon code: 20081407

    which worked for me NO PROBLEM.. comes to 13.49.. shipping is about 5 bucks (kinda silly) but 18.84 for a full body shield is pretty nice. It doesn't say that it covers the sides, but afaik all other full bodies from ghost do, I e-mailed them just to triple check....

    Onto the question....

    Looking to pop a LCD Screen into my Car for long trips movie watching ETC (hopefully Orb or someone will be able to utilize the hdmi out soon, for ultimate streaming)... So far I have purchased a HDMI -> DVI converter (both digital signals) and a 400W power converter (enough to power a small monitor with no issues).. but my DVI monitor is a 19" WS... LITTLE BIT too big. lol.

    I have a 15" that would go in nicely.. But VGA only. I'm having trouble finding a HDMI -> VGA/RCA conversion box with decent reviews from a decent company. Anyone have any Suggestions/Experience? As far as price/qual goes.. I'm not looking for something in the $150 range, obv with it being a 15" and for car trips a little grainy is ok. If i can get one for $40-60 with decent quality, thats perfect.

    Thanks in advance!

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