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Ghost song in Sony Walkman app

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stevend, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. stevend

    stevend Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I had deleted an album from the Walkman app. All songs disappeared, exept 1. When I try to delete the song, nothing happens. When I try to play it, I get the error "cannot play track", which is ofcourse correct.

    I then transferred the same album back to my phone, but now the ghost song appears twice in de Walkman app. Only one of the 2 plays ofcourse.

    This is really annoying as the walkman now stops playing when it comes across the ghost music file.
    Especcialy as I use the Walkman app while bicycling to work, with the phone in my back pack.

    Any thoughts on how I can delete this ghost track? The file itselfs does not exist in the phone file system,
    so somewhere the walkman app is keeping it's own tracklist. I just can't find where.


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  2. STdemoniac

    STdemoniac Newbie

    something similar happen with picture ...after I delited it I still can see a thumbnail, but picture won't open, after phone rebooting picture gone :)

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  3. AracooL

    AracooL Lurker

    I also have a problem. No reboot is not deleting cache walkman not help. What to do?
  4. PSX

    PSX Lurker

    Just found a fix for this on my Xperia Z: using File Commander (or any good file manager) delete the contents of this directory:


    You might need to restart the app to see the old file references flushed.

    Hope this helps


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