Android Question

After updating to marshmallow, my moto g3 began having ghist touches every time I try to scroll something. Can't even scroll down the settings menu without opening a few tabs.
A lot of people are having this problem (as I saw in reddit), but I think it is due to marshmallow - all the posts are from the last month after moto g received marshmallow and to me it started happening the next day after I updated to marshmallow. I doubt it is a faulty screen, since people have reported that they have received new phones and still had the issue. Just a warning to anyone who wants to buy the phone, and if anyone knows how to help, please do
After any major update, it is always recommended to do a factory reset. Well actually it's best if you reset before updating and then again after the update succeeded.

Although sometimes it may not be really needed, starting from clean state is always best. Backup your stuff then factory reset. If that doesn't fix it, you'll have to wait for a bug patch.
That was the first thing I did and it didn't help. I think the ghost touches happen most when the device is slow -Facebook app lags when scrolling and ghost tabs all the time, while the website version doesn't lag and ghost tabs rarely. Could this be a performance issue?