Root Ginger Villain - Calendar and SMS issues?

hope I haven't misplaced the thread.
I'm running GV 2.8 (plus 2.8 HAVS + CFS kernel) on a rooted htc desire, I'm loving this rom but I'm also experiencing a couple of issues.

First of all: when in day view, the stock calendar isn't showing event names for ten days after today. this happens only for full-day events and not for time limited events. I can see the colored bars showing event names for today, but if I slide to tomorrow - and the days after - all I get are the colored bars with no text. :thinking:

second, but far less annoying: I'm using GO sms pro instead of stock sms app, and each time I reboot I keep receiving status bar notifications for sms I have already read. I tried uninstalling GO sms and the problem disappeared, but it started again as soon as I installed it back.

any help or suggestion? thanks in advance.


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I thought I did, since Go sms has an option to "disable other message notifications" and it was checked: turns out it doesn't disable status bar notifications for the stock app. now it's ok and the problem is gone.

anyway, still no luck with the calendar...