Root Ginger Villain: How to get 7 home screens?



HTC Desire, first time rooter and Ginger Villain user. I cannot find a guide for Villain, and I'm going crazy trying to find out how to change it to 7 home screens. It only had 5 from the install.

Also, if anyone has a link to a guide explaining the functions that are unique to Villain, it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


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You can download go launcher from the market. I think some other launcher replacements have customizable screens too, like launcher pro, or adw.


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Gingervillain is the ROM. It's like a system package for your phone. It contains the OS, some core apps, etc. It uses the normal Android Launcher.

On your stock phone, you were using the Stock ROM provided by HTC. Thus, HTC packaged different apps with it, gave you a different OS. The HTC Sense that was on your stock phone is a group of apps (a launcher, widgets, and some core programs like the camera app, the calendar app, etc.).

The HTC Sense launcher allowed 7 screens. The default Android one has 5.

To get 7, you need to install a launcher that supports it, as ninja said.


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Thanks both! That explains it.

I think I miss the familiar Sense widgets too much to stick with Villain, so I suppose installing a Sense-based ROM is the right way to go for me. Villain also became very unstable after restoring all my apps and settings using Titanium.


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Restoring settings was the problem - you cannot assume these are compatible between different roms (though you may get away with it where the roms are very similar, between sense and non-sense it certainly won't work).