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Gingerbread and Wi-Fi don't mix

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DagMiller, May 19, 2011.

  1. DagMiller

    DagMiller Member
    Thread Starter


    I've now seen the problem with Gingerbread and Wi-Fi on my home network. The signal looks good to begin with then all of a sudden my Wi-Fi connection is dropped and I can see it scanning but not connecting back until I restart Wi-Fi.

    Time to start a campaign I think

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  2. DJjay

    DJjay Newbie

    Yep, what a pain! The only thing to do is contact HTC for them to get it sorted. The more people who complain, the more likely they will pay attention and fix it quicker.
  3. DagMiller

    DagMiller Member
    Thread Starter

    The reason is as follows.

    "HTC programmed their Gingerbread ROMs to drop wifi connections if the signal falls below -88dBm"
  4. Had exactly the same problem as you lot. Bit of a major disaster if you ask me, i've ate up all my usage on free data and now rely on Wifi.. but after the update its unstable. Nearly useless at times.

    I am not a Happy Bunny. :(
  5. gadget man

    gadget man Lurker

    I updated mine to 2.3 yesterday and my wifi keeps dropping, its REALLY annoying.
    Where I sit in my office at work I always had a connection, now I only have a connection 25% of the time! :mad:
  6. Yes, you're right, but I heard Europe version and Asia version had fix this bug.
  7. DJjay

    DJjay Newbie

    Please, everyone, complain to HTC so they take this seriously! The more e-mails they get, the better.
  8. bh27

    bh27 Newbie

    Please send an e-mail to the following people (the senior management team at HTC) if you want this fixed it will take you 1 minute and will make a real difference just copy and paste the below. Then change the e-mail text a bit before you send.

    jon_french@htc.com, Cher_Wang@htc.com, John_Wang@htc.com, Keith_Nowak@htc.com, Peter_Chou@htc.com, Lotus_Chan@htc.com

    Dear Sirs,

    You have a major problem with the HTC gingerbread update that you have rolled out in the UK. The wifi no longer works for me as it keeps disconnecting. Many others have the same problem. I used my phone for about a year before this and the wifi worked like a dream. It is unacceptable that this vital function no longer works properly. Please let me know how you intend to fix this. On another note you have major problems with your HTC Sense website despite heavily promoting it. I look forward to your response.

    jon_french@htc.com UK CEO
    Cher_Wang@htc.com Chairman
    John_Wang@htc.com Chief Marketing Officer, HTC Corporation
    Keith_Nowak@htc.com Senior Public Relations Manager at HTC
    Peter_Chou@htc.com CEO
    Lotus_Chan@htc.com VP HTC

    If you send an e-mail you will be a making a big difference.
  9. DJjay

    DJjay Newbie

    I've already e-mailed via their website, but I will e-mail direct later on today.

    Good e-mail, bh27, but I think it might be wise to include some more information on the problem so they know exactly what we're talking about. Specificially, that the wi-fi drops perfectly useable signals below -88dbm - rather than 'it just doesn't work'.

    In fact, someone on XDA forums posted this rather good e-mail, which provides all the info...

    Dear HTC
    I recently upgraded my Incredible S from 2.2 to 2.3.
    Before the update, the phone would hang on to the quite low but useable wi-fi signal in my bedroom, but after the update the wi-fi disconnects and puts the phone on 3G.
    My old HTC desire still holds on to the signal fine, whereas my new Incredible S loses it. (both at around -90 dBm)

    After a lot of research on forums, I have noted that this is a very common problem, and many people are suffering from poor wi-fi since the 2.3 update. I suggest that you take this problem seriously.

    We have localized the problem to a change in rssi threshold to -88 dBm. That is strange as this is a perfectly useable signal strength.

    It is suggested that this code "error" is part of a Broadcom driver update, and not HTC's fault
    You can find the code snippet here:

    Please forward this mail to your dev tech department, as this needs to change as soon as possible
    People expecting an upgrade, actually got a downgrade with gingerbread [​IMG]

    yours sincerely

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  10. noworry

    noworry Newbie

    I also noticed after the update that the Wifi signal strength is weaker. Sometimes it disconnects Wifi and connect to Mobile Network. Definitely very annoying.
    I ll report the same to HTC support.
  11. sauce2k

    sauce2k Lurker

    man this is bs!!!!!!!!!
  12. LexLFA

    LexLFA Lurker

    I got this phone (on 2.3.3) 2 days ago and noticed that WiFi was a bit flakey... but then also realised that it took down the wireless switch!

    Whenever I connect my phone's WiFi to the switch, I can't get into the portal on the switch (via LAN cable) and no other WiFi devices can continue to use WiFi!

    Don't know if the switch being brought down is due to the same issue that's causing everyone else here to drop their connections but... :mad:
  13. AntMcl

    AntMcl Newbie

    Having the same issues here. Had no issues when the phone was on Froyo, but the Gingerbread update has messed up the wifi connection. Extremely annoying, as my crappy old Blackberry gets better wifi reception than the Incredible. Please fix, HTC.
  14. stewy

    stewy Member


    I want this phone but this thread is making me rethink it...
  15. dmehers

    dmehers Lurker

    I've just blogged about this problem.

    My solution has been to purchase the Tasker app, and set up a rule to disable my data connection when in range of my home wifi. It works well, but is kind of hacky.
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  16. AntMcl

    AntMcl Newbie

    I'm now manually disabling my mobile data once wifi is connected. Seems to have fixed the issue, and I now get fantastic wifi reception all around the house. I'm going to hold off spending
  17. DagMiller

    DagMiller Member
    Thread Starter

  18. applemanthai

    applemanthai Newbie

    Ive sent off a mail too...

    I get same problem......
    Need to be within 10 feet of my home router.... all other devices work throughout the house...

    This is a right pain in the ass.....
  19. jcpdk

    jcpdk Lurker

    New to Android..
    Same problem..
    Sendt a mail
  20. rover101

    rover101 Lurker

    My new HTC incredible S cannot connect to my home wireless router, i changed radio channel and encryption type but to no avail, took me two full days to find the solution.

    I simply reset the router to factory settings by pressing the reset button behind the router then using the computer attached to the router, from d browser enter the url to set up d router, set it up by entering your Internet login user name and password and enable the wireless feature, i tried to enable my Incredible S wifi and MAGIC! ....my Incredible S is now connected to the router and the internet. hope this will help you too!
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  21. applemanthai

    applemanthai Newbie

    This was the latest update from HTC Customer NoSupport.

    I am sorry but this is pathetic... now they are blaming the hardware design. Whatever it is, its a shit phone!!!

    Their reply:
    Since there is a death grip on the HTC Incredible S, we would suggest you to pay attention when using it. For example, you can take the buttom of the phone so that your hand won't cover the antenna.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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