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Gingerbread problems and low quadrant scores

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fuzzface, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. fuzzface

    fuzzface Member
    Thread Starter

    I have an unbranded Ace (XEU csc) and recently upgraded to Gingerbread through KIES.

    I then had a number of issues, I suffered from sleep of death (I presume) where when the screen timed out, pressing any keys didn't bring the display back and I had to pull battery to get phone to work.

    I also had the problem sending texts when packet data was turned on.

    As my phone seemed laggy I did a quadrant test and got 586 which was pretty low :mad:

    After searching for ways to officially go back to Froyo, I decided to flash using ODIN and KA9 firmware from samfirmware.

    My quadrant score is now 616, no sleep of death, no problem texting.

    Has anyone else had a bad experience with Gingerbread or am I just unlucky?

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  2. travelbee

    travelbee Newbie

    Did you have the SoD problem in Froyo, before the upgrade? I haven't upgraded to Gingerbread yet, but my phone does suffer from the SoD issue. Some people are saying, upgrading solved the problem... In your case, it seems to be the opposite?
  3. fuzzface

    fuzzface Member
    Thread Starter

    Never had SoD on Froyo, bizarrely only after the upgrade!

    Quite disappointed with it, I had tried a leaked ROM and hoped issues would have been fixed with the long time it took for the upgrade to arrive. Doesn't seem that way - in my experience at least.
  4. v28

    v28 Newbie

    Just wanted to say a big thanks for this post as from this I got the correct samfirmware download for uk and kies still recognises. I found 2.3.3 too laggy also, so for now have gone back to 2.2.1.
  5. peytal

    peytal Newbie

    My quadrant score is 1058, no sleep of death,and i dont have a problem with texting
  6. khushal.2022

    khushal.2022 Newbie

    After updating to Gingerbread I have started getting errors or Android issues and many progs crashed after show up of this message.

    Also net connection gets automatically closed and to reconnect I have to switch on Flight Mode and after again Switching off the Flight Mode, net connection starts.

    No idea how to correct these issues.

    These are the only worries I have got from the firmware. Apart from these, rest all is okay.. i liked the new resolution / phone speed etc.
  7. SashiX

    SashiX Well-Known Member

    Same here, I got 10-20 points less in Quadrant :( (was about 580 with Froyo). Aside from that, I only have typical bugs (very few), i.e. 2 seconds delay while switching ON or proximity sensor.

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