Sep 2, 2010
Hi, since upgrading to Gingerbread about once a day the the screen screen goes black and nothing works or the screen locks up, have to take out battery to fix it then OK for a few hours. Can anyone help please?
Thanks or the help, I have done the reset now and things are much better but it still locks up occasionally, never had that with froyo
I just upgraded to 2.3 and now I can't turn off sms messages from appearing in my notification bar. I had the same issue with Froyo but was able to turn it off in the settings. I try to turn it off in settings now, and the option doesn't "grey out" like it did with Froyo. I've tried "GoSMS" and "Handcent" but they don't help either. I still need to disable notifications on the stock app first.
I did a factory reset before and after the upgrade to 2.3 and everything else is working flawlessly (so far).
My phone is a non-rooted SGS Vibrant on Bell Mobility, running 2.3.3 UGKG3.
Please help!