Root Gingerbread ROM + Overclock Kernel

So I've flashed the 2.3 ROM:

[LEAK & Flashable Version]Speedy_S_Sprint_WWE_2.72.651.2_Radio_1.08.00.0506 - xda-developers

Now I noticed that it does not allow the phone to be overclocked, so I tried flashing couple different kernels, particularly the new

AOSP | The Bcblends

and also several of the ones from this list:

Index of /shift/kernels

Every single time however after flashing the kernel, the phone enters the bootloop mode and just keeps turning itself off. I made sure I wiped the cache and dalvik cache before flashing the kernel, yet it keeps happening.
I really want to flash a different kernel because 800MhZ compared to 1.5GhZ is a big difference to what I'm used to be using.
Any ideas what am I doing wrong?


Nvm, I figured out that there are no custom kernels available for 2.3 yet.