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Gingerbread update broke wifi..HTC admit fault

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by martinp, May 18, 2011.

  1. martinp

    martinp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I thought i better post this in case anyone else suffers the
    same issues.

    The gingerbread update (on Orange for what its worth) seemed to
    fail on my handset in a novel way, in that it developed an inability
    to use wifi...on some routers.

    It'd happily connect to my wireless router..but wouldn't send or
    receive data over the connection. Trying it with other wireless
    setups was a bit hit-and-miss. A factory reset didn't help, and i
    verified that the router was ok with several other devices.

    I phoned up HTC this morning:

    "Oh...errr...i haven't heard about that one before.
    I'll just have a quick word with my colleague"
    <10 second pause>
    "Yes we have heard about that, you're far from the
    only person with that problem. Indeed i
    think we've withdrawn the update until we fix the bug. We're
    going to have to take the phone back to fix it"

    (Ironically i suffered a similar fate when i received the 2.2.1
    update late last year)

    Honestly...HTC...hopeless. This has been by far the worst phone
    owning experience i've ever had (the phone i handed back required
    the SIM card sticking down with sellotape, the battery held in
    with paper to prevent random resets, spare SMS applications to
    work around the bugs in previous versions)

    On the plus side i have a loaner phone from Carphone Warehouse
    which makes me feel like i'm back in the 90s. I'm wondering
    whether SMS works on it...

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  2. Jaffa

    Jaffa Android Expert

    On the flip side of this post, my DHD has been faultless, updates have all gone smoothly and I love the device. Guess a few people have been unlucky!!
  3. cracksquirrel

    cracksquirrel Well-Known Member

    Same here :)
  4. dvhttn

    dvhttn Android Expert

    +2! Had a very early one which has exhibited none of the "early" problems reported on here. Installed the 2.2.1 update and had no problems with that. Installed Gingerbread and, so far, no problems with that ...... Though I haven't tried wifi outside my house yet ....

  5. zetagi

    zetagi Newbie

    +3 :rolleyes:
  6. bakili

    bakili Member

    I have similar issue with WiFi on my DHD.
    It will connect to my (any) router without problem, it will send and receive data without problems, but after couple minutes it will drop connection and switch to mobile network connection. If I turn WiFi on and off, it will connect and drop connection after couple minutes again.
    I contacted HTC, and been told its new function, phone decides which and switches connection where more signal available, and they did also advice to keep mobile network off. It is sucks! Battery consumption increased due phone connected most time trough mobile networks. Keeping mobile network off, will not sync data when out of WiFi range.

    HTC please fix it!
  7. martinp

    martinp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes i liked it while it was working, maybe the handset was just faulty. I'll see what its like when i get it back. Nevertheless i wanted to post something, not to moan about the phone generally, but to specifically say that HTC intimated they'd heard about issue before...and may have withdrawn the OTA update as a result.

    (Oh, and it burned an SD card too..i forgot about that.)
  8. fishphone

    fishphone Newbie

    The update is still on the HTC website as of 1235 today. For the record mine updated ok. Only have one immediate issue which I have posted on the Troubleshooting forum
  9. fishphone

    fishphone Newbie

    The update has been pulled from the HTC web site now.
  10. springy

    springy Android Enthusiast

    Really.. interesting.. wonder if they fix it, or fix it in the 2.3.4 update (if they bother to do 2.3.4)
  11. Nigredo

    Nigredo Well-Known Member

    Guys, why don't you try a complete format of the SD and the phone! Make a fresh start with 2.3. And before you do - disable Google's option to back up your information and such (so you don't end up with the same old settings right after the format)
  12. punk_19

    punk_19 Well-Known Member

    Maybe its some issue with Orange and not HTC?????

    I have been using the GingerBread update on Vodafone since the day it was launched and everything works fine for me!!!!
  13. nigsy

    nigsy Android Enthusiast

    Could be Orange - mines on the orange network and my wireless / data connection is scr**ed, it can make up it's mind which connection to use - have recharged twice from zero battery and phone off in 24hours since upgrade.

    I was using Green Power to mange my connection, but even with that turned on or off it makes no difference.
  14. Exasperated

    Exasperated Newbie

    It might have been pulled from the HTC website, but it still came through to me about 7pm last night. Not sure what to do about it.

    MartinP - did yours kill your SD card this time as well as last time? I lost my SD card last time too, and really don't want another to go. Did you unhook it before you updated?
  15. Nybras

    Nybras Well-Known Member

    Where is it pulled from their website?? I can still see it. You are looking at this right? HTC - Support
  16. martinp

    martinp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    No the SD card didn't get fried this time, they seem to have at least avoided that pitfall. (and no i didn't unhook it)

    Last time it fried it several weeks after the update, so initially i assumed that 2.2.1 didn't have anything to do with it..it was just a handset quirk. I phoned HTC, they denied having anything to do with it, i asked them to escalate the complaint...and three weeks later a tech support guy phoned up saying "Yeah this happens i'm afraid, the 2.2.1 version does have a habit of doing this intermittently. We'll send you another card"

    The new card never arrived and i couldn't face navigating their helpdesk again.

    Yeah..as i said earlier i quite like the handset..when its working. Its just that i've had enough niggling faults to begin to fall out of love with it. Though it does sound like i'm just suffering a problem-child of a handset, maybe the trip back to the factory will rectify it
  17. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    I'd hang fire sending it back if you haven't already done so -

    HTC's UK repair centre suffering long delays, confusion ? The Register

    At a bare minimum, I'd expect a 6 week wait to get your phone back.
  18. martinp

    martinp Newbie
    Thread Starter

  19. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    Did you send via courier? Is there anyway you can get it back?
  20. martinp

    martinp Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Via carphone warehouse (who handled all the shipping)

    But even if i got it back the phone has pretty restricted functionality following the gingerbread update...half of my internet use on it is via wifi. So i don't have a lot of choice really.

    If this delay proves to be true i suspect its time to give in on this brand, but i'll wait and see.
  21. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate!
    VIP Member

    If it's CPW you've sent it back to, hopefully they'll just replace from their own stock and not bother with the HTC Repair Centre.
  22. JustByZero

    JustByZero Newbie

    I did the update either yesterday or the night before, I can't remember which day, either way my phone has worked perfectly! is it a gradual thing that happens in time, or did the people that have the issues get them straight away?
  23. Dioky

    Dioky Newbie

    Hi there,

    After several flashes of different origin (ARHD 5.1.4 and ARHD 5.1.7 and LeeDroiD 3.0.3) of Gingerbread ROMs, wiping, reflashing, rebooting, praying and wining this is the case:

    WiFi won't transfer data although connected fine through:

    • D-Link DAP1360 (N) access point
    • Thomson SpeedTouch (a/b/g) access point

    BUT transfer goes fine through:

    • Belkin G Plus MIMO access point (g) LeeDroid or ARHD!

    Back to whatever Froyo ROM and all is fine, every time and every access point! :eek:

    Which clearly demonstrates that it is software and not hardware based and that it is a compatibility problem.
    Nothing more, nothing less and HTC should be running to get it fixed.

  24. bakili

    bakili Member

    here i got respond from htc relating wifi issue:

    Thank you for your reply. This is related to the 2.3 update, your phone has a new feature called static or non-static ip adress.
    Menu -> Settings -> Wireless & Network -> Wireless settings -> menu -> Advanced -> use static IP-adress.
    Nikonboy likes this.
  25. Exasperated

    Exasperated Newbie

    .... so for everyone with this problem - is it sorted by changing the settings as this suggests???

    Sounds like someone had their SD card fried by this update - let's hope not as many have this as last time....

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