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Gingerbread Update July 11th

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rankman, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. DFA1

    DFA1 Well-Known Member

    The last time an update like this came out for my old Eris, it took 3-5 days before I got offered the update over the air/wireless. I'm on the South East coast, so don't expect to be getting this update at least until next week.

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  2. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    How many people are actuly going to update?
  3. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    I'm on the fence. I have not decided if I want to try rooting or not.
  4. blkbeltkid17

    blkbeltkid17 Android Expert

    Lol for me there us no fence... Its killing me that I have had this thing for over a week and I have not rooted yet Ahhhhh
  5. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Android Enthusiast

    Still nothing in Middle Tennessee...
  6. seejoshplay

    seejoshplay Well-Known Member

    still nothing in Washington DC...sadness.
  7. ggangi

    ggangi Well-Known Member

    Can you not root after the update?
  8. zimmy

    zimmy Member

    No love from VZ in Atlanta either...
  9. None here in northwest Indiana
  10. aphxgmc

    aphxgmc Lurker

    Nothing in Phoenix Az
  11. pockings

    pockings Well-Known Member

    Nothing yet here in S. Cal, OC area.
  12. ckelly33

    ckelly33 Android Expert

    ....or here in West Tennessee!
  13. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Android Enthusiast

  14. KrippyKreme

    KrippyKreme Android Enthusiast

    While we are here all sad about no update, I'd like to plug my charity and boost some morale. http://www.jointhepush.com. Some friends and I were thinking of something to do one day and we all agreed on this. We've all lost someone to Cancer, so we decided to make something happen. We are working with a 7 year old with Colon Cancer. She wants an iPod touch, so next month, we are surprising her with a 4th generation with a $30 iTunes card. Let me know what you think about the site and what changes could be done. Thanks!
  15. greyhndz

    greyhndz Well-Known Member

    Ah, brings back wonderful memories of waiting 6 months for 2.1 to finally appear. I've never seen so many rumor committee updates about the release date. IIRC, wound up flashing the last leak, which turned out to be identical to the OTA 2.1.

    Nada aqui in NH. I'm installing, only because reading the directions for rooting makes my eyes glaze over.
  16. picord

    picord Well-Known Member

    I'll add to the wait..
    Nothing yet in No.Calif.
  17. gnarkill

    gnarkill Newbie

    I'm reading on sites that there is an update for Gingerbread, at the OTA download for the LG terminal Optimus One, but no links. When does it come out for lg p500 in Canada?
  18. hilmar2k

    hilmar2k Android Expert

    Here it is.
  19. valorian

    valorian Android Expert

    Gingerbread is here.
  20. John Adams

    John Adams Newbie

    Can someone provide a link that explains rooting a phone? I'm clueless. Thanks.
  21. zimmy

    zimmy Member

    Just showed up here in Atlanta!
  22. picord

    picord Well-Known Member

  23. JMF_Droid

    JMF_Droid Well-Known Member

    I am currently downloading it in Ohio.
  24. picord

    picord Well-Known Member

    Just did a force check on mine and it's downloading now in Calif.
  25. cadon69

    cadon69 Member

    Me 2!!!! Southern CA!

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