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Gingerbread update messed up phone!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Derion, Sep 20, 2011.

  1. Derion

    Derion Lurker
    Thread Starter

    So i updated my Optimous S yesterday and i hate it. My keyboard is messed up and i just don't like the theme all together. Is there a way to downngrade back to Froyo 2.2.1?

  2. Tom1

    Tom1 Lurker

    If your keyboard is screwed up by gingerbread simply download the free app keyboard for gingerbread 2.3 from the google market
  3. tm21fourt3

    tm21fourt3 Newbie

    Sucks here too.

    Color scheme is terrible. Phone is also sending out random texts. I want this gone or fixed.
  4. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    It is very hard to read, the new color scheme is sorta weird plus i cannot charge via usb anymore :(

    no bueno
  5. Gonewild29

    Gonewild29 Lurker

    Is anyone having an issue with your phone not charging after the update? I cannot get my phone to charge and I hate the color scheme - it's hard to see my little message guy now - all I see is white eyes and mouth. OH - and the icons on the top are a lot smaller now too.
  6. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    For some reason I can only charge on one of my plug ins....no more usb charging and i did a variety of reboots and everything ...weird right
  7. Hawaiian_Geek

    Hawaiian_Geek Newbie


    download that exe file and install it but don't have your ph connected to the pc when doing it. got this from another member at android central forum. the problem I had after the update was my ph no longer was recognized as USB storage after plugging into my pc. i installed that exe file and now it works. supposedly this also works with the charging issues.
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  8. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    I tried that update, it didnt work so I am going to maybe go visit my sprint store in the coming day or so.
  9. eddiesox

    eddiesox Member

    Add this to your list of issues. From the home screen when the search key is pressed nothing but a white screen comes up. Same if you use a goodle search widget.
  10. fidodido

    fidodido Lurker

    While I also have the major issue of not being able to charge my phone at all, I was wondering if anyone else noticed that before the update there was a "Charge" indicator appearing on the Lock Screen. And that has gone away. It's a relatively minor annoyance, and maybe I'm just missing an obvious setting or something, but I'd really like to see that indicator again.
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  11. Sunster61

    Sunster61 Lurker

    I hate the look too but the keyboard change has made it almost impossible for me to text. I really needed the text prediction and correction. It's gone now. The only suggested words are the names of my contacts. Can anyone recommend a fix to get me the text prediction that was lost with the 3.2.2 update?
  12. LordBane00

    LordBane00 Newbie

    I have had no issues with this update i let the phone get a full charge before installing and also installed with the phone connected to 3G and have zero problems. As for the keyboard i use swift key and it works great its not free but its the best replacement keyboard you can get get IMO and has great text prediction and also learns from your texting. As for the rest of the problems i'm not sure but was the phone fully charged before updating? and was it on 3G for the update that's how i get mine updated with zero issues.
  13. mhroten77

    mhroten77 Newbie

    Has anyone had any WiFi issues? Mine will connect then disconnect, back and forth...:thinking:
  14. liss0916

    liss0916 Lurker

    I am soooo glad to see that I am not the only have having this issues... Could it be that our phones (LG Optimus S) suck...

    I really hate the new keyboard, no word predictions, its way too small. I hate the fact that i can't charge it via USB oh and my battery life "WOWOWOWOW" is not like it was before. I've reseted the phone 3 times, dont have any games, haven't download any apps, and the battery still dies quick.... :( :( :(

    Is there anything that we can do to get it back the way it used to be????
  15. liss0916

    liss0916 Lurker

    :(...Not working for me... *sigh*..This sucks!!!
  16. cbizz

    cbizz Lurker

    In addition to all of the problems everyone else is complaining about, my phone now doesn't automatically check for emails!
  17. horsephoto

    horsephoto Lurker

    Since the update (and I totally hate the new look as well) my phone has had:
    music player crash/wouldn't shut or restart till phone was restarted
    issue with calls-phone would dial but not ring, then I couldn't hear the caller. Did the same thing when I tried to call but worked again when restarted.
    Voice on navigation stopped working (was not set to mute in either of these). Worked again on restart.
    Suggested words in texts seem to only be names from my address book.
    Phone connected to car bluetooth and would ring through the car but wouldn't let me talk except through the phone.
    Adobe reader app disappeared.
    Will put more as I find out but hate hate hate this update. It has totally messed up my phone.
  18. horsephoto

    horsephoto Lurker

    Also keeps coming up with sd card notifications, even though I haven't taken it out or anything
  19. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    I have the same problem. The keyboard with the new update sucks bigtime and is not as sensative. I feel like I have to mash the keyboard. I found a free keyboard that is AWESOME! It is called Go Keyboard. Has a very responsive keyboard, lots of customization, GREAT word prediction, and the ability to "swipe" words. You will not regret it.
  20. tracsportva

    tracsportva Member

    I use smart keyboard pro, there are a ton of skins out there for it as well.
    I am not a big fan of the g-bread update, but you deal with it....the best you can. I can sync my optimus now with one usb chord, all the rest I guess are too cheap or something.

    good luck
  21. themaggie

    themaggie Lurker

    i don't know how to delete this...
  22. themaggie

    themaggie Lurker

    Totally fixed my problem! thank you :D
  23. chiefmarck

    chiefmarck Lurker

    I am fairly new to android. I installed the link to pc and then tried to transfer to phone SD, how do I install it?
  24. Hawaiian_Geek

    Hawaiian_Geek Newbie

    download that exe file to your pc and install it.....then connect your ph to the pc via usb cable.....

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