Sep 27, 2010
San Jose, CA

I can read anything on this page so I can't download this Dinc vzw 2.3 test rom but this means we will be seeing gingerbread sense in rom form soon!
*Includes Superuser.
1. Download the GB file from above and drop it on your SD card.
2. Boot into Clockwork Recovery and perform a factory reset.
3. Choose “install zip for sd card” and locate the file from above.
4. Install it.
5. Enjoy!
Update Radio:
1. Download “New Radio” file from above and drop on root of SD card.
2. Boot into HBOOT by holding Volume Down and Power until it loads.
3. Follow prompts to flash the file.
will flashing this delete all my apps and saved games and stuff? I really want to do this, but ANGRY BIRDS 3 stars!
ive got it up and running,but i havent played with it much yet. my inc isnt my active phone,so i cant really test calls or texts. since its sense 1.0 it looks like stock... thos thus far does seem to be running pretty smoothly :)