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Glass Screen Protector that actually fits??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by OakIris, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. OakIris

    OakIris Member
    Thread Starter

    I just purchased and installed the BodyGuardz Pure 2 screen protector on my S10E and, though the installation was easy and I "think" the phone's screen is now better protected, the protector does not fit the full display, there is a definite gap on both sides (top and bottom seem fine) where the edge of the protector does not fit over the display. I am not sure I can get used to this distraction of the display peeping out around the black border of the protector. This screen protector is more expensive than the majority of those on the market so my wallet was also disappointed, and now I need to find something else!

    I saw this same complaint about many of the screen protectors on the market for this phone (reading reviews on Amazon.) Many of the protectors are touted as being "edge to edge" but that is not the experience of the actual end users, they just don't cover the full display.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a screen protector that is both case friendly and fits properly? Please let me know!

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  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!

    i have always used zagg invisi-shields for my phones. i love the fact that they will do a one time replacement for the shield for free. u can even go to a booth in the mall (at least where i live, we have one) and they will do it for you for free.
  3. TexasGonzo

    TexasGonzo Newbie

    The main issue with protectors not being able to go edge to edge is all the phones with their screen edges being tapered/rounded off... its extremely difficult (if not impossible at this point) to produce that curve into a protector. The fix is to stop where the screen is still flat and don't cover the rounded edge. I still can't find one for my Note4, so I just gave up.
    Best of luck to ya!
  4. doc1964

    doc1964 Android Enthusiast

    I know this is an old post but in case it is of any use to anyone else, i just recently bought an S10e. Decided against the S10 as i had an S8 previously that i always used a case on and a screen protector so never felt the benefit of the curved edges, also would not buy a premium phone and not have a screen saver, therefore in screen finger print reader knocked that one out.
    Anyway, i ordered this screen protector,
    and in all of the years and the many, many protectors i have bought, this one feels absolutely immense.
    It is solid, feels smooth as anything and the full screen is covered in adhesive.
    Really reassuring to place cover on screen and see the glue type effect spread all over the underneath of the protector without even having to touch it.
    It fits perfectly with my Spigen case and you would not know it is on the phone. 2 covers in the pack as well so absolute bargain.
    Touch screen totally unaffected.
    Gave my S8 to my wife and put a new protector on it, what a difference when you have a wee bit of glue around the edges, screen sensitivity is rubbish compared to the S10e one.
    Had to go onto ebay this morning and search for a full glue cover for the S8 for her.

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