Global Phone during update = GSM ?


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When I did the 4.1.1 update to our Verizon GSIII's....I noticed something about "Global Phone".

Is the GSM radio on the phone activated now? How do I check for GSM?


This is one of the features I had was waiting for in JB. I imagine the only way to test this is to get a 3rd variety of micro-SIMs and try them out. US users, I suggest starting with a friends AT&T/T-mobile/Sprint (does Sprint come with a micro-SIMM?), then work beyond that with International micro-SIMs. I have a sneaky suspicion the US Cell providers have locked out their local competition. I've been told (pre-JB) that our GS3 are suppose to be "unlocked", but the term "unlocked" can mean something different to cell providers. Because my D3G was unlocked, but didn't support an AT&T SIM card and worked fine with my Hong Kong bought SIM card. I'm interested in knowing for an upcoming trip I have to Asia next year. If nobody here has tried it, I'll post what I find out!