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Gluidy, singleplayer or multiplayer via Wi-Fi

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MarekH, Sep 26, 2014.

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    Hi Everyone!

    Show them all who rules in the underworld! You can play with friends.
    Free download. Get it on google play: Gluidy Multiplayer


    Become the strongest monster in the underworld and devour all the opponents who are weaker than you, and if you come across one who is stronger, fear them not, as you will also have a few types of weapons to defeat them with. Gluidy is a game for everyone, regardless of age. You can play alone or with friends via Wi-Fi - up to six people at once.

    Game features
    - you can play on your own or with friends (multiplayer WiFi)
    - a few different sceneries
    - various weapons
    - 2D graphics
    - a truly unique ambience

    Different ways to control the game:
    - using two fingers (on the touchscreens)
    - using an accelerometer
    - using the keyboard
    - using other devices

    System requirements:
    - processor 1.0 GHz or faster
    - display 4" or wider



    You start the game at the hot spring, which is a safe place, but do not stand there for too long, because you will burn. Become strong and devour the weaker opponents. Collect the elements appearing on the board to gain points, weapons and strength. Be careful, when alive, the toad is poisonous, but its meat will give you strength. See how the monsters change. Pay attention to their eyes and teeth. The more menacing the look of the monster menacing, the stronger it is. You can also use several types of weapons, and thanks to the fly amanita, you will become toxic for others. During the game, the table on the right will feature plenty of information, such as what weapons are currently used by the opponent. You can not collect weapons to spare, only the last collected one will be available for use. You still have the option to escape to the spring and the possibility to move between the springs.

    Control system
    In the game, you have the ability to control the movement of the character, the use of weapons and the escape command. The character escapes to the spring, if after about 5 seconds of being motionless, we execute the same command as for the use of weapons. A monster indicates readiness to escape by opening the mouth. Remember, as this is important, the monster always throws bombs over its shoulder and it shoots forward. You can control your character in the game in several ways:

    1. By using a touch screen, which reads the positions of at least two fingers at the same time. Slide one finger across the screen to indicate the direction in which you want the character to move. Place two fingers on the screen to use a weapon or escape to the spring.

    2. Using the touch screen and the accelerometer. The option is switched on in the game settings. This control method is most commonly used when the device has a touch screen that supports only one finger. Tilt your device in the direction in which you want the character to move. Place your finger on the touch screen to use a weapon or escape to the spring.

    3. Using the keypad, if the device has it. Use the arrow keys or A, S, D, W keys to the direction in which you wish your character to move. Use the confirmation key (check ENTER, SPACE, OK) to use weapons or escape to the spring.

    4. By means of other control devices.

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