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Support gmail account on samsung android email client - send email as feature?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by cyberpine, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. cyberpine

    cyberpine Well-Known Member
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    Jun 14, 2010

    Jun 14, 2010
    A while back i posted the same question.. it was confusing to understand honestly. Still having it, but want to take a fresh look at it and boil it down some.

    I have a google account with secondary logins under my own domain that are being forwarded (by my domain host) to that google account. I have the gmail client set to send new and replying emails from my domain email by default. It works seamlessly on the internet from my gmail web client. On the internet I can log into my google account using my domain email as well.

    Unfortunetly what I can't seem to do with my fabulous Samsung epic Android phone is send or reply to email from my domain email that same way. Perhaps not related, but Googles email servers don't even allow me to authenticate as my domain email (not that i think I need to). In other words, m.google.com is only intrested in something@gmail.com as a valid user. And so I must send emails as that gmail user.

    I understand send as is a touchy subject, but the alternative for many is to have there own domain emails hosted instead of forwarded.

    Anybody else remotely disappointed with this limitation? any way to get Samsungs or Android to accknowlege as a potential enhancement?

    This is a brilliant feature in Gmail, can we please have it in android? By chance does this work on other HW / Manufacturers?



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