Gmail app not working - fix?


Gmail app faulty

Sometimes there is no In box, on the gmail app of my phone

I have to restart the phone to get the In box back, the app will make emails but not read them
Any clues on how to fix this?

Thank you


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Ok, then perhaps a recent update is buggy.

Try clearing all data from the G-Mail app (you will need to reset your settings within the app) and if that doesn't help try uninstalling the updates of G-Mail.
(Once again, all settings within the app will need to be reset.)


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I am on a desktop computer and use Gmail.

Firefox is really buggy right now and I am having to open my Gmail in Chrome to read it, as Fx is having major issues with it.

Not sure if it is a Firefox issue, a Gmail issue, or both.


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At this point I would just use my browser.
Although the app is more convenient, it is not working at present.

I have long ago chosen to limit my apps to things that I cannot access with my browser.

This saves a ton of space on my devices, and frees up loads of system resources as well.

Even a cheap POS like mine is suddenly so much quicker and more able to multi-task.


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There is enough space, thanks

It still happens, but I cure it by sending an email to myself, which closes the app and fixes it



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I refuse to update the app at all.
My G-Mail app is whatever version came with the device.

I had too many issues with too many updates to fool with it in any other way.