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i want to send a mail in gmail app- how can i delete this - ontvanger toevoegen- s- add receiver - from this list? this is not a normal address...see my screenshot...


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i checked this earlier before i sent this question, there is no such person, contact in my contacts... i had a look at contacts. google .com and there is no this strange ? item as you see on this screenshot.i see only good, normal addresses of my friends...
Google is very helpful (/s) and holds on to stuff you don't need forever, it was probably on an email trail at one point. You may not have known it, just a .cc or something but Google stowed it away for you. I still have names and addresses pop up from the old Google+ days, they are just there and don't go away. I never saved them but they must have interacted with me or I them.
I could be very very wrong but it's not out of the realm of possibilities.
in this case, is google not helpful but cos does not give me the possibility to delete it.thank you for this explanation which suggests me that it's not possible to get rid of it... really? i still hope it must be a way to delete it for good...
This would not be an actual contact that you saved, it will be an e-mail address that is saved to any contact that you have.

It could be saved under any of them, even one that you have a valid e-mail saved for.
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this wrong item is not to find anywhere and it's saved as not a normal address cos when i click on it i see this notification:
add a valid email address... how to finally get rid of it?