Gmail client now has ability to copy text!


Fiddling around with the new version of the gmail client at lunch time I found something that I've been desperate for in the past!

When you're viewing an email, press the Menu hardkey, select More... and choose "Select text". Then simply drag your finger over the block of text you want to copy. It's rudimentary but it works. Unfortunately it doesn't work on the quoted text area when you are replying to an email, but hey, it's a definite improvement on going to the webmail client.


This is good news, but you *still* can't save attachments before opening them :(

The .doc/.xls/.ppt viewer allows you to save (only once "previewed" by Gmail, obviously) but the PDF viewer still doesn't. If you use the stock Mail app you can save any attachment...

Very puzzling as to why they've chosen to do this...


Damn, you beat me to it! I found this out the other day too but didn't get a chance to post :(
Good spot though and something I've been desperate for too as I can now copy text into Astrid tasks.
Happy hunting!