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Gmail contacts syncing with Eris with 2.1 update

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by plazagirl, Jun 4, 2010.

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    The new eris update has messed up syncing my contacts from gmail. Or maybe I don't know what i am doing. So here goes:

    When I added gmail account it syncs every email address I have ever sent. Hello! Don't need all of those considering its a B*ch scrolling looking for a phone number to call. Before the new update, you could check mark on and off what you wanted synced to your phone, now you can't. Am I missing something?

    Also this is my third replacement. And all 3 phones seem to have an issue with the 8GB MicroSD card. It says its blank. I just got the 3rd replacement today and it won't read the card in this phone either. It just stopped working 2 weeks ago. So the camera doesn't work or anything I had on the phone is not saved on this card. What was funny is on my contacts, I had an image I used for my daughter's name and the image was from the camera feature. So how did the phone know to still use that image even if it was on the "dead" card?

    thx for your help


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