Sep 24, 2010
Gmail App stopped syncing my gmails for the last 7 days. No clue why.
Using Samsung Fascinate Galaxy S from Verizon.

I have 2 phones, it is not working on only 1 phone. Weird.
Same problem here on a Sprint EVO. 1 of my 2 accounts is syncing but the other hasn't been for the past day or two.
I've been spending the last couple of hours trying to resolve this. One of my gmail accounts stopped syncing today (my work account through google apps premier). I've removed and re-added it several times, but I keep having to refresh the email manually.

Hopefully this is resolved soon. Have you guys tried another email client like K-9? I'm going to have to get something figured out so that I'm notified when a work email comes through. My email notifier doesn't even work on that account (though it may require that the regular gmail app sees the email).
My apps account synced perfectly for several hours after doing what I state below, but it's gone back to not syncing again...

Well, I got mine fixed. I went into Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications. I choose "All" from the top then scrolled down to the one called "Email" (not Gmail). From there I told it to "Clear Data," and now both my personal gmail account and google apps work account are syncing correctly.

I don't really know why there was anything related to the "Email" app since I only use the Gmail one. I notice now that I can't even clear the data for "Email" so maybe some app I installed messed with it. Yesterday I did install the Trillian beta app, so maybe that did it.