Gmail not syn'cng automatically (On wireless network) on Sony Xperia C


Gagan Seth

Hello All ,

I am facing strange issue since i bought Sony Xperia C(Android 4.2.2) . My gmail is not auto syn'cg on my wireless network , However when i am on my 3 G network , i don't face any issue . I get email immediately when it comes to my mail box . But when i am wireless network , either i need to refresh the email or resyn'c my emails . Moreover even if i am configuring gmail on regular email(Default email app not Gmail app) , i get error that could not connect the server , but when i switch over to 3G network , it gets configured easily . But when i switch back to wireless network and tries to refresh , i get could not cannot server .

Also whenever i am on wireless and if someone pings me on hangout , i never get those notifications , But same is not the case on 3G network .

My wireless network is fine as normal browsing , whatsapp , facebook , yahoo and Good Mobile is working fine and get email automatically .

I read somewhere that we need to enable 2 step verification , but i think that is only required for non android phones .

Earlier i was using Samsung Galaxy Grand and didn't had this kind of issue . I have checked all the setting and auto syn'c is enabled

PS : I myself is a network engineer and can confirm that my wireless network is fine ,as all other phones(Dont have any other Sony Phone) works fine on that wireless network .

I am struggling alot with these issues and i am normally connected via gmail and hangout and use them extensively , so it would be big trouble for me without the access to these .

Regards and thank you in advance,