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Nov 7, 2009
When I get a new email on gmail, I pull down the notification drop down, select the email then view the email, and out of habit or ease of use, I hit the home button ...because it just makes sense that if I don't need to respond that I want to go back to the home screen directly. Why in the hell does the stupid notification not go away until I check the email 2 times.

the only way the notification goes away is if when I select the email to check, I have to hit the back button which takes me back to the email list then either hit back again or home.

this is stupid....does everyone else's droid work like this?

the new message notification should go away as soon as the message is opened (providing there's only one new message of course)
Mine works the same. Yes, it is annoying.

Oddly, if you just open the the email app and look at your inbox WITHOUT actually opening the new message, the notification will go away.

I've started to get in the habit of just hitting my gmail shortcut when i see I have something new. From there I decide if I actually need to read it or not, and either way the notification is gone.
Is that a Droid thing? On my Magic the notification goes away even by peeking at the inbox. Similar to going directly to the gmail app by easier to swipe the notification and then hit back button (or home) and I'm done. This method is handy while in another app, I go right back to it once peeking at the inbox. swipe, tap, back, done.