Gmail on HTC


I've had my HTC Hero for nearly 2 years, and in that time I haven't used the Mail application that much, but I do still have it set up to retrieve my AOL emails, which has always worked ok.

However, recently I had a big changeover and began to use my Gmail account (which I set up when I had the phone but never used), and so it now brings in my emails from AOL (just for a few months while I make the transition), and also set myself up with igoogle, Google Calendar and Contacts. I knew that Gmail, Calendar and Contacts was ideal to sync with my android phone, and so far (I think), everything works ok (although I am now having a few problems re-linking my contacts to their Facebook accounts - although I can link them, the pictures have not appeared for the majority, but that's a whole other issue!!).

My problem is now that I don't know how best to view my Gmail account through my phone - at the moment emails are coming in fine with notifications at the top, and I can then open the Gmail app from there. However, I have no widget to directly access Gmail if I just want to open it without a new mail notification, and have to go in through the menu. The only direct access I can find is to add a Shortcut button, but there is no option to set up a full screen view as with 'Mail' - I assume I'll just have to accept this but thought it was worth asking if I'm missing something.
I was, in a way, happier with the 'Mail' widget that fills one of the Home screens so I can see everything without entering the app itself, however this is currently set to my AOL account, and I am to understand this has no connection to the Gmail app, and therefore if I set my Gmail account up as a second Mail account, I would get 2 lots of notifications of the same new emails - one from the Mail app and one from the Gmail app?? Is that right? Hence, I am reluctant to try.

Also, I no longer want to receive AOL emails through Mail (because my Gmail is already set up to retrieve these and I don't want repeat emails constantly appearing on my phone), but I cannot find how I delete my AOL account from Mail. Can anyone help with this?

I am due to upgrade my phone soon and am thinking about a HTC Sensation, but I want to try and sort out these little niggles before I make a decision.


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You should be able to add a GMail app icon to your homescreen which then will give you direct access into your emails.

Try personalise > App (open app with one tap) and you should see an icon for Gmail there.