Mar 15, 2022
Recently switched to Android so i have no idea if this is normal. I originally thought my notifications were borked. I was not hearing them very often but then i checked my phone i had lots. I think i figured out what is happening.

When I get a Gmail i've set it to play a sound and vibrate. It does. Sometimes. It seems that it will only make a sound/vibration if its the first email in the notifications. If there are others from Gmail it wont make a peep. So, if i clear notifications the next one will make a noise. If that makes any sense. Is this something i can change? I'd like to hear it for each email.

Hi @SuperDerpBro and Welcome to :)

That is the normal way Android works is that it only alerts you to the first email until you check it. So yes, you get notified of an email but don't check it, five more come in without notification, then you finally check email. You get notified on the next email. There is probably a notification app or email app that works differently, but I've never looked for one, so I don't have a link to offer. I will say that that is the beauty of Android is simple things like getting an email can usually be tailored to your precise preferences with an app or in settings, so hopefully someone will have a solution that fits your needs. :)
Open Gmail app, tap the 3 line menu in the upper left. Scroll down to settings and then choose your email address in the settings. Inbox notifications > select the box for "notify for every message".
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