Help GMail Password Chage


I have seen a few postings about this issue but non come close to fixing me getting Gmail on my HTC Desire HD

It worked for months, then I changed my password on my Gmail account (on the laptop). That will teach me to be security minded! It has NEVER worked again on the phone.

It doesnt pop up a challenge for a new password, I cannot remove the email account since it says it is in use and requires a phone refresh (I'm not doing that, so many paid for apps and settings).

So basically I have lost email off my phone... which is 80% the reason for buying the thing!

There is no option in the GMail account to enter a new password (on the phone).

What a complete nightmare, or am I missing something blindingly obvious.

Can it be that when you change your (laptop) gmail password you have to "root" your phone? Surly not?

Oh and i forgot to mention, I tried going into Marketplace to see if that asked me, but that is associated with a different email account so that didnt do it.

Deleted User

Have you tried removing and then re-adding your google account (via Accounts and Sync > Google Account > Remove account)? That takes you back to setting up the account again on the phone.