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gmail push sometimes works?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by josephc, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. josephc

    josephc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hey everyone,

    My emails are showing up in the gmail app at sporadic intervals; sometimes they show up immediately while other times I only receive the email if I refresh within the app itself. I noticed this after I manually did the update last Friday on my Eris. Emails are showing up rather quickly on 3G, but hardly at all on wifi. I'm testing this by sending myself emails to the gmail account from a non-gmail account on the laptop. I saw over in the Moto Droid forum that some users there are experiencing gmail push slowness/problems. Any folks here having the same problem(s)?

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  2. ttran97

    ttran97 Android Enthusiast

    I find that gmail push over wifi is a little iffy. So for now, I'm using 3G all the time. I don't know whether the problem is with gmail, phone's wifi, or my router. :thinking: Most likely the phone's wifi?
  3. DDustiNN

    DDustiNN Android Enthusiast

    For what it's worth... I am always on 3G, and I always seem to get my e-mails instantly. I also have the latest update. But I can't comment on WiFi since I don't use it...

    The only time I don't seem to get e-mails is while I'm on the phone. Sometimes I'll hang up from a call, and then a few e-mails will pop in to Gmail. I think you cannot receive data while you're on a voice call? I'm not 100% positive, but that's how it seems to me...
  4. josephc

    josephc Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Inadvertently, it seems that it *may* have something to do with the wifi source. I noticed that when I'm on the secured network at work, I cannot login to google talk either (also the same network that I was not getting push gmail). When I switched to our guest network, it seemed to be working reasonably. It seems to be fine at night when I'm connected to my home network. I wonder if whatever is being blocked on the secured network is interfering with the sync somehow (since I can get my emails if I manually refresh). Doesn't quite pinpoint it to the router/wifi source over the phone's wifi, but seems to suggest it. The only time I don't have wifi is during my commute, so it seems silly for me to not use wifi....

    DDustiNN: that actually happened to me last night while I was on the phone. I did not check whether the notification was sent after I got off the phone or not though. While it is true that we cannot receive data while on a call using 3G on Verizon, if you have wifi on you CAN still use data while on a phone call...maybe AT&T doesn't want people to know that! :)
  5. Evanator

    Evanator Lurker

    i dont have the wifi set to my router and never used it, i have to refresh 100% of the time or i dont recieve emails on my moto droid. i use the gmail one and it never shows up unless i refresh it and its really annoying
  6. Slugdoc

    Slugdoc Well-Known Member

    Here's something about some wifis that may answer your question:

    May "institutional" wifi providers, at airports, at my school, "neighborhood" wifis, require you to open a browser session, which then gets redirected to their customer agreement or login page.
    Until you click whatever button on that page, you look like you are connected to the internet, but no data will get to you.

    So, if your device has succesfully connected to that wifi, you may leave the area, come back, automatically reconnect, but if you haven't opened your browser, you are sitting with a useless wifi connection (and since the phone doesn't realize this, it will use the wifi, and just not get any emails.)

    This was happening to me every time I let the phone sleep (i..e constantly) at my work, when the phone slept, it loses the wifi connection. When I wake it, it reconnects, but the wifi is blocked until I go to the browser.

    So, I don't use wifi at work now.
    (an alternate solution would be to set it so wifi stays on all the time even while sleeping, but if you leave the area and return youre still in the same position.)


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