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Pardon me if this has been convered - I did a search and didn't come up with anything that could help me though.

I just got a Nexus 4 and am trying to consolidate/sync all of my data into my Google account. I currently use Gmail for my personal mail and I have a Yahoo Business mail account and another POP3 e-mail account for another business. I've set them all up to go into my GMAIL and when I'm logged in on my computer the native Gmail web mail seems to work just fine and I have different signatures setup for each account respectively. What I can't figure out is how to get those signatures to pop up when I want to compose/respond to an e-mail for that address on the Android Gmail app. I can only opt to use the generic signature and that makes me not even want to use the Gmail app to respond/compose e-mails. Is there a way to have my specific sigs populate depending on the account I'm sending from??


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If I'm not mistaken, you have to set up the signatures within the app as well. (I don't believe they carry over/sync with the app.) To do this open the Gmail app.

>menu> more> settings> under acct. settings, select the acct.> signature.

Do this for each acct. compose a message and see if it works.


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I've done that for my main personal account but my Yahoo biz and other business account don't show up in the accounts list of the app.

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They won't show up in the account list. If you want to send from another account, you have to set it up from the web via POP3 (if you haven't done so already), then you'll get to choose within the app by touching on the field that shows what email address you're sending from; each account you set up on the web should show up in that list. All that being said, I don't see a fix for your sig problem.