GMail Split Screen / Multi-Pane for non-tablets?


I read with "excitement" that Google had at some point released a two-pane / split-screen mode for their native GMail 'Droid app. In fact there's even a picture of it in action on Play here:

But. The release notes go on to say "Split screen for tablets" and to back this up I can't find any Setting or option in my installed copy of the Gmail app [on my phone]. Having a 5" display on the phone is close to being "tablet" and K9 / Aqua / MailDroid already offer a similar split / two-pane mail for any sized device...

I'd rather stick with the GMail app but can anyone confirm that it really does only do split-screen for "tablets" ? :-(




Android Expert
It does "split screen" on my Note 2. Just swipe from the left to the center of the screen to get the folders panel.