Help GMail won't sync

I have an HTC Incredible which I bought last June. For about 10 months, Gmail seemed to work well, then one day, it just stopped syncing. Oddly, the native e-mail application provided with the phone to use Gmail works just fine. I'm frustrated because the application just quits and there's no error log, so all of the diagnosis is just guess work. There's just no way to tell why it's misbehaving. I started by assuming that it might be memory problem so, I deleted a few applications, cleared memory, stopped the gmail service and restarted gmail. Interestingly, gmail worked... but only for a few days. So, I repeated the process and it worked again, for a day or two. My phone indicates that I have free memory (internal and SD card). I called Verizon and they're clueless. Their solution is wipe the entire phone and start from scratch (thanks for that...). Without application logs, there's just no way to figure out what's going on. It would be great if there was a way to diagnose this stuff. Can someone help me figure out how to diagnose or suggest a fix?



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You can try Log Collector from the market if you want to try troubleshooting. In this case the most surefire fix may be a factory reset. Don't blame you for wanting to try other avenues though.


I had this problem last Friday and ended up unrooting, factory reset and rerooting. It works now. Not sure what was going on, but it is one of many open inquiries I have with Google right now.


I have the same issue. I just dialed *228 and then option 2 for roaming update. Also Verizon said this helps with errors and updates. Sure enough it worked after