Help GN2 WiFi turns off 11pm each night. Why?


I have an AT&T Note 2, currently stock 4.3 ROM, rooted. Love the phone and it is very stable. However, for some time I have noticed that the WiFi is being turned off at 11pm each night and I cannot find what is doing it. Have recently had to perform a factory reset for another issue relating to push notifications (resolved), and the WiFi problem has existed ever since - just not sure if it started shortly before the reset. I have checked all settings that I can find (e.g., power saving is off; blocking mode is off), I have checked various apps and frozen several that had the ability to turn wifi on/off, although none of them had a setting enabled to turn it off at 11pm each night. As an example, I was using Nights Keeper to manage notifications at night, but had not enabled the option to turn off WiFi or BT. Regardless, I first did a force stop / clear data on that app - no change - and then froze it via TB - still no change. I doubted Nights Keeper was the culprit anyway, as on weekends it went into "night" mode at 1am and WiFi still went off at 11pm. There is bound to be a simple explanation and I hope someone can point me to it.