GNex, LTEvo, or G3 for CyanogenMod?


I have an upgrade coming up and I'm deciding between the Evo LTE, G3, and Galaxy Nexus. But I'm going to put CyanogenMod on it, so I don't care about software, I just want to know the best phone hardware, and which one is the most supported by ROM developers.


pain rustique
I don't think there will be a device with more development than the Gnex, but there's already plenty with the LTEVO and SGS3. I'm not sure, but I believe they still haven't been able to unlock the bootloader on the Verizon S3 like they have the others so that will stifle development quite a bit.
All three are fantastic phones but the hardware on the Gnex is a little dated vs the rest.


The PearlyMon
These are on Sprint.

Support - Nexus.

Screen and camera - LTEvo.

Removable battery, more ram - SGS3.

Tough call. :)

Work and results for CM10 for the LTEvo is coming along.