GNexus reception an issue of VZW infrastructure?


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Hey guys I've recently done a bit of traveling. My galaxy nexus and I have been in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Atlanta, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. I had consistently 4 bars in Pittsburgh with speeds like 13mbs down and 11 up, in Atlanta I had 4 bars with speeds of 25mbs down and 19 up, in Fort Lauderdale and Miami I once again had a strong connection. For all of these cities I switched between CDMA only and CDMA/LTE both settings produced similarily strong signals.

Cleveland however.... my home town.... the signal was dogs*&t. Totally beyond belief. I swang wildly between totally grayed out triangle with no bars 4 gray bars and 1 sad blue bar. In most cases my signal was -160dbm and 99asu.

This experience has lead me to believe that this is really an issue with VZW's network. Anyone have any thoughts on that?


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I have heard the rumors that Verizon has been working on the 4G towers here in New Mexico and that has been affecting all Verizon 4G new Nexus as well as my friend's Razr....