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Go Blox Lite [Free]

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by MindNova Games, May 7, 2016.

  1. MindNova Games

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    May 7, 2016

    May 7, 2016


    Casual block and ball games should satisfy while challenging the player, and Go Blox really delivers on that score! Play the built in puzzles, the random puzzles, or create and save your own custom puzzle!! With the custom puzzle you can put the blocks and the spikes wherever you want. To solve the puzzle, swipe the ball to collide with blocks and reach the color goal. Watch out for the eggs. They will crack and expose both retry and game over spikes! Keep track of your progress, and reach the coveted rank of Blox Master Mason!


    • Unlimited game play. The 9 by 13 grid has 4 possible states per node. Do the math. That’s 4^117 possible puzzles!

    • Classic mode progresses through four grades of difficulty per level. Every three levels completed will earn you a new rank. Higher levels have more eggs. Watch out!

    • Random mode gives you a completely randomly generated puzzle.

    • The fun of creating your own puzzle in custom mode cannot be understated. Just touch the screen and a block will appear. Touch the spot again it will cycle through the 4 possibilities: block, retry spike, game over spike, or empty.

    • Five ball speeds from slow to fast.

    • Sticky mode!! Press Sticky while playing and the ball will stick to the next block it collides with. Use this mode to gather your thoughts and plan your strategy on difficult puzzles.

    • Choose your initial two color goal. My favorite is yellow and green. After that first puzzle is achieved the next color goal is random.

    • Half of your blocks must match each color in the color goal in the bottom right of the screen to complete the puzzle.

    • Eggs hide retry and game over spikes. You can only hit the egg twice before the spike is exposed. Sticky mode exposes all spikes!

    • Hold your finger down to guide the ball through any obstacle without harm. Swipe anywhere on the screen to change ball direction.

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