GO Launcher 3DUI And MultiPicture Live Wallpaper Work Really Well - Non rooted

Just Thought I'd Share My Set Up ....

... This Done Using A Guide From Coldfusion, All credit to him.

As you can see its a nice minimalistic look and non rooted too.

Would Love To See This On Another Device Other Than The Note 2 ... Let Me know if you Do one:)

Video Demo:
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Customised - Non Rooted! [Landscape Mode Demo] [3D UI] - YouTube

Apps Used (All free from playstore):

- Go Launcher http://bit.ly/VJh4oM
- Simple Text http://bit.ly/VJJDC5
- MetroStation Icon Pack http://bit.ly/UT3TR8
- MultiPicture Live Wallpaper http://bit.ly/TnuMyR

Full Tutorial

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Customised - Non Rooted! [How To Tutorial] [3D UI] - YouTube


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Will give this a try on my note. Dunno if it might lag though...

On the Note 2 there is no lag ... it glides seemlesly ... and go launcher is nice and smooth from screen to screen :)

.. Don't know if these phones crash or not as im new to android but i've had this on for a while and no crashes or freezes etc

the note is a fast enough phone so I'm sure it can handle this:)

In addition, you can set different folders for different themed wallpapers on your memory card ... when you get bored of one theme simply go into multipicture live wallpaper settings and change the path of the pictures :)