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Go Launcher - App drawer icon MISSING!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Waqasbutt86, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Waqasbutt86

    Waqasbutt86 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi guys,

    I think it's called the 'app drawer' icon, basically when you click on this icon you will see all of your apps. If i've accidently deleted this how can I restore it?


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    Post #19 by JulieTiger, Apr 29, 2015 (1 points)

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  3. arcootje

    arcootje Lurker

    Hit on an empty spot on your home screen for a couple of seconds. Press launcher actions. then press open/close app drawer. There is now an icon on the home screen. You can drag them icon to their spot you like.
  4. geeded

    geeded Lurker

    I am having the same problem and this works only on the ADW launcher I think. I can find no 'launcher actions' on go launcher.

    How do you get back and/or duplicate the "app drawer" icon?

    Thanks in advance.
  5. korrupTed

    korrupTed Well-Known Member

    Go to the bottom panel of your device. The one that holds the apps that remain in your screen even if you move your screens around. Delete one of the apps in this panel. (press and hold then choose delete) It should then turn into a plus sign. tap that icon, then choose "app drawer icon"
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  6. geeded

    geeded Lurker

    Thanks for the reply. That's the way it was on my Bionic but on my new Razor Maxx (same 3.03 Go version), if I add or remove an icon from the "dock", it no longer shows the 'plus sign' placeholder. Instead it adds or removes the space. It's a nice touch, but how in the heck do I get the app drawer icon back? It's driving me nuts.

    Any help would be appreciated. Oh, if I remove and reinstall the app, does all my setup work disappear?

  7. RyanB

    RyanB Guest

    Just drag the icon into the tray. It probably is resizing the space between the icons, depending on the number of them that are docked.
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  8. korrupTed

    korrupTed Well-Known Member

    If you don't mind losing your current configurations, I would suggest you just remove all data, uninstall, then reinstall the app. That should put you back on track. I believe there is also an option to change the number of docks you have. have you tried adding additional docks and creating the app drawer icon from there?
  9. nicka3200

    nicka3200 Android Expert

    The above is totally unnecessary.

    Press and hold any space on one of your home screens. Select Add>Go shortcut>Appdrawer>OK. You now have the icon on your home page. Provided there is a space in your dock (max 5 icons) you can now drag and drop this icon into your dock where you want it. If necessary then press and hold, select replace, and choose a custom icon you like.
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  10. korrupTed

    korrupTed Well-Known Member

    That's what I told him earlier, but he said that the option does not even appear. So that was a last resort kind of post. ;P
  11. nicka3200

    nicka3200 Android Expert

    That's quite correct for older versions but if he is using the latest Go Launcher EX the + sign does not appear (which I think is the problem) the icons just resize to fill the gap. But as I said you can drag & drop icons onto the dock
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  12. korrupTed

    korrupTed Well-Known Member

    Oh, ok. I gotta tell my hon to update her Go Laucher. I tested it out on hers first before I said anything. I didn't know they changed that already. Thanks!
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  13. geeded

    geeded Lurker

    Thank you very much. Success. I'm apparently using the newest version since I just got my Maxx a few days ago. This resizing is obviously a new 'improvement' and I'm apparently a slow learner (especially with no manual :mad:).

    I appreciate all the help from everyone and hopefully, this will help others in the future. I know I'm bookmarking it.

    Again, thanks to all for the help and for cutting a newbie some slack.

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  14. bk11222

    bk11222 Member

    you're my hero nicka. thanks so much
  15. tcat007

    tcat007 Android Expert

    Much easier to just swipe up and have the app drawer open, no icon required.
  16. maybe2

    maybe2 Lurker

    I have the latest version as of Dec 18, and cannot remove the app drawer icon. Long pressing only provides the option to rename or replace it. Dragging off the screen does not bring up the red trash can. What's app with that?
  17. maybe2

    maybe2 Lurker

    I figured out a way to remove the icon: place it on a new /blank screen all by itself and then drag the entire screen to the trash can (in screen preview mode).
  18. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Maybe they are looking to make the accidental deletion of the app drawer button more difficult took achieve?
  19. Venven

    Venven Lurker

    clean your dock area.. and long press on it.. then a Box will pop up.. saying "add to dock".. tap the "default icon" then choose app drawer.
  20. JulieTiger

    JulieTiger Lurker

    As of april 2015 version, if you've deleted your app drawer you long-press on the lower dock menu, click "default icon" and a list of defaults is displayed including the app drawer. They're slooowly getting better at this mess.
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  21. Channeler

    Channeler Lurker

    Thanks Julie! That was great info! :)
  22. JASPER123w

    JASPER123w Lurker

    Help me with this please
    i did long press the empty place pf the home screen but this is what i experienced


    no app drawer icon in shortcuts
  23. I have the same issue! But I did that, and when I pressed + there was NO app drawer. I just got my phone, it's brand new and never did have one. It is fully set up, but other widgets I have downloaded do not appear anywhere on the phone at all( even in the file manager). It's all so very weird.
  24. OK here's where it's hiding.
    Press and hold anywhere on the Dockbar.
    A Go box appears 'Add to Dock'.
    Under this are four options:
    Apps Shortcuts Go shortcut Default Icon

    Press Default Icon. Appdraw is one of the five Icons
    listed, along with Dial Contacts Message and Browser.
    I guess these would be the five most likely Shortcuts that most
    people would most likely wish to add to their Dockbar. Not
    particularly obvious though, for such an essential item.

    A niggle. Still, I've been using Go launcher for maybe four or
    five years. It's flexibility and customisation and intuitive interface
    (most of the time :rolleyes:) makes it my personal choice of launcher.
    I wish that Go would update Go Dialer as this was the best on the
    market. Sadly it doesn't work with 5.0 & 5.1 Lollipop. *Sad face*
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  25. kal s

    kal s Lurker

    I don't know if this question fits here but I've looked all over and this thread is the closest that I can find to my issue. I'm running Go Launcher Ex Prime and I'm wondering how to get rid of the app tray tab on the side of the screen. It wasn't there a month ago so it must have come from some update that I didn't pay attention to. It's annoying and completely gets in the way.

    Can anybody help?

    2016-10-03 20.33.52.png
  26. eebvending

    eebvending Newbie

    Assuming you have some Galaxy phone. My previous phone was a Note 3 and it had that. There are 2 ways to disable it. The first is to long-press the back button, but when you reboot it will come back. The second is to turn off Multi Window in the quick panel in the pull down settings.
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