Dec 23, 2011
I use go launcher.
When I add a contact to my desktop and add a picture to it as an icon,the picture appear and it is fine.
But once I drag the icon to a folder, or restart the launcher, it delete the photo of the icon that I added and put back the original picture of contacts of go launcher.

It happens most of the times. Sometimes it keep the pictures I added.

anyone knows why it happen?

Pictures on SD card? I think they're like widgets, some apps can't find them on SD. I tend to see that happening on new updates. I use GO back up anytime I change anything, that way if something disappears, I just use GO restore.
I dowload the pictures from facebook app. I don't know where it keeps them.

Anyway I don't think this is the problem because when I don't put the icons in folders, the picture stays.

Any other suggestions?

Maybe try GO Contact widget? Or some of the app organizers let you change icons, then create a folder link through them. (Smart Shortcuts, Auto App Organizer, Folder Organizer)