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[Motorola Droid Razr Maxx (original), Verizon.] I accidentally added an app to a folder when trying to add it to my home screen. I'd like to remove it, but can't see how. I've looked (seemingly) everywhere for how to display the folders but the only way I've been able to make them appear is when I long press an app as if to move it to a home screen. In that case folders appear in the otherwise blank bar across the top. How do I find folders in the app drawer? (They don't appear as their own icons.) Thank you.
I'm somewhat confused as to your question. Are you saying that your folders have no icon? (as in, the apps are grouped like a folder, but without the rectangle around them?) My phone does the same thing occasionally, usually after a restart...but all you have to do, is (from your homescreen) open the menu, goto "Preferences > Icons" and find the "Folder Icon" option, and pick one. Then, if I understood you, if you want to remove the folder entirely, long press it, and then click the "X" and click OK to the dialog box.
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