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Go Launcher EX: how do you select this App-Wheel feature?

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by Wifi-Naught Odin, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Wifi-Naught Odin

    Thread Starter

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  2. txwolf1980

    txwolf1980 Android Enthusiast

    I would try menu, preferences, app drawer... it should be in there, somewhere. I don't have that theme, so I'm not sure.
  3. AmishFury

    AmishFury Well-Known Member

    it's an app drawer scrolling effect... go to effects settings and select "chariot"
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  4. Wifi-Naught Odin

    Thread Starter

    omg thank you! Exactly what I was looking for!

    (too bad it doesn't perform like I thought it would. I was hoping it allowed you to spin through apps with one thumb like a dial. nope. it's just a scramble effect between pages in your drawer. :( bummer.)

    Oh well, it's still a great looking effect on a great theme.

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