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GO Launcher EX - Icons in Folders overlay text

Discussion in 'Android Themes' started by bobby48, Dec 7, 2013.

  1. bobby48

    bobby48 Lurker
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    I am using GO LAUNCHER EX in Android 4.2.2 on Lenovo Yoga Tablet 10.

    In GO Launcher, I have figured out how to space the icons nicely on the homepage using the GRID settings of GO Launcher. However, when I select the apps button on the bottom bar (3x3 square), and have created a FOLDER in the apps section to put related icons into, and opening that folder, the icons there are all scrunched together vertically, so that the App name is overlaid by the icon below it. The open folder only is 2.5" high with 3 rows of icons, and that's why the text is overlaid with the icon below it. I cannot figure out how to get more than 3 rows of icons within a folder, and how to space out the icons in GO LAUNCHER folders. Any ideas how to do that?


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