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Okay, a couple of details first. I am using the HTC Inspire 4G and have just started using Go Launcher Ex for my home screen. Before that, I was able to put an icon on one of my screens that would cycle through my sound profiles. With Go Launcher Ex, I don't seem to have that option. Am I just missing the shortcut somewhere or is there something else to accomplish this. All I want or need is the icon that cycles through the sound profiles each time I press it.

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John Redcorn

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What you used to have was more than likely an HTC widget, you can't use HTC widgets on other launchers. There ought to be some kind of widget in the market to do that.

I like widgetsoid, it lets you create your own "switcher" widgets to do all kinds of things, I don't have one for sound profiles, i just use the vol rocker but I'd be positive widgetsoid could do it.

edit: here's my left-of-main homescreen with a 4x1 size widgetsoid switcher widget to do all sorts of stuff:

I still go to this screen/widget to turn anything off/on even after the GB update, I don't use the quicksettings in the notify bar. That's launcherpro in the old pic, i'm using GO now too.


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It may have been a widget, not for sure. I installed widgetsoid and it does what I want, but it seems to interfere with the folder operation of Go Launcher Ex. I will see if I can find another app that does the same thing.