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Go Launcher - Hottest home launcher

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by GOLauncher, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. WannabeMKII

    WannabeMKII Newbie

    I've been trying this launcher as the gmail unread message count doesn't work for me with LauncherPro, I'm not alone and has been posted on their forum, but no fix to date.

    Really liking GO Launcher, but I can only get the unread SMS count to work with the stock SMS program and not for Handcent which is my current SMS app of choice.

    Anyone else notice this, or know of a fix?

    Also, I only use 1 home screen (I know, how boring). Is it possible to disable the bounce/elastic effect of having more than one screen?

    Thanks in advance,


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  2. dan55

    dan55 Android Expert

    yes noticed the gmail count issue too.have you sent
    mail to the dev via market place about it?

    yes you can turn off bounce effect in settings, behavior
    I think.I've got it turned off on mine
  3. crazydip

    crazydip Newbie

    Just a quick heads up that the the OP's images don't show up (appbrain 404 error).
  4. WannabeMKII

    WannabeMKII Newbie

    Hi Dan,

    Not yet, hadn't even thought about it after posting on the official forums. Is it best to email aswell? Have you contacted them?

    I've tried changing the settings to zero, but it still bounces?

    Is there another setting I've missed.
  5. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    Trying out Go Launcher now...pretty good. I'm a bit surprised though to see that the unread SMS count doesn't work with Go SMS. I think it would be good to tie those two together.
  6. WannabeMKII

    WannabeMKII Newbie

    I was just about to try Go SMS to see if it worked as a replacement for Handcent, but as that doesn't work either, I won't bother. Thanks for letting us know ;)

    GOLauncher - Any chance of looking at including the unread count in the dock for 3rd party SMS apps?
  7. tpsj29

    tpsj29 Lurker

    Is there a way to attach GO SMS to the dock messaging icon instead of the standard messaging app?

    Edit. Got it to work, but the Group Application in the shortcut menu is a little buggy. Force Closed several times before working properly.

    Edit 2. So far I am really liking this launcher. Seems smoother than Launcher Pro on my Incredible. Jury is still out on whether GO SMS will replace handcent that I've been using since I got my phone. Looking forward to future updates. Great work so far!
  8. dan55

    dan55 Android Expert

    yes is best to email the dev i find - use the email from the market place at the bottom of the app details

    Ive got my Elastic effect set to 3 in display settings and that seems nice on my desire

  9. apesgrapes

    apesgrapes Lurker

    absolutely loving this, only one thing i'd really like before i make the switch from adw.

    i use a semi-transparent status_bar_background.png, but Go doesn't seem to use this initially, the status bar background is black. if i 'hide' then 'show' the status bar it does use the transparent png, but shows the tops of the icons/widgets that have moved down.

    i can add screenshots if this helps?
  10. WannabeMKII

    WannabeMKII Newbie

    Email sent. Fingers crossed for a positive response.

    So it's now a straight out race for GO Launcher to support 3rd party SMS apps and LauncherPro to fix the gmail unread count bug for me.

  11. The Batman

    The Batman Newbie

    As far as the Go SMS is concerned, I've found (at least according to other friends) that they receive my texts a lot faster than when I was using Handcent SMS or even Chomp SMS.

    Has anyone else noticed this as well, or am I just waaay out in left field with this?
  12. tpsj29

    tpsj29 Lurker

    I haven't asked any of my friends about that, as I'm sure most of them don't pay attention / don't care about that kind of stuff. However, the program itself just seems a bit faster and more responsive than Hand cent. I don't care for the way the quick reply window is laid out, but that is a minor gripe. So far I'm loving GO SMS and Launcher.
  13. loaded

    loaded Lurker

    installed go launcher today after having issues with both launcherpro and adw. Both were giving me force closes and serious lag loading the home screen coming out of apps or phone calls (yes, even after I tweaked the settings obsessively according to forum tips).

    Have to say, so far I am really liking go launcher and while it does have a slight lag loading the home screen, its very quick and even gives me a window with the spinning wheel letting me know its doing something rather than staring at a blank home page waiting for icons to pop up.

    the speed and smoothness is very nice, on par with launcherpro. Lots of customization, not a far cry from the other two, but seems to be working much better for me on my mytouch 3G.

    just waiting to see if it does drain the battery more as has been reported by others.

    its free, give it a try. For me, its tops right now.
  14. xSithxSaviorx

    xSithxSaviorx Well-Known Member

    I like it alot, is there a way to hide the apps u dont use in the drawer? if not then u should add that feature, i think, like bloatware and other apps ppl may not use.
  15. chellemonkey

    chellemonkey Lurker

    I gree about hiding apps in the drawer. Verizon makes some apps unable to be uninstalled and I would really like the ones I don't use out of sight.
    So far the only other thing I would really like is more of those clearish icons for the dock...i hate that my navigator ect. sticks out being the only ones with color.
    Also if I could remove the home button from the app drawer, it takes up space and I have a hard button for that. Great app otherwise!

    On droid x
  16. firedesire

    firedesire Well-Known Member

    Go Launcher can do this for you...menu> preferences> app drawer setting> hide application.

    Hope this helps, if so press the thanks button....its only small but it means a lot!
    xSithxSaviorx likes this.
  17. enigma83

    enigma83 Member

    GO Launcher is awesome :) :)

    I migrated from LP+ and I wish i had done so earlier , I love this launcher.

    Can someone tell me if it is possible to get rid of the dock all together so I have more of a screen to use for widgets/shortcuts etc?
  18. dan55

    dan55 Android Expert

    just checked and doesnt seem to have a setting for this.email the dev to see if they can
    add it
  19. dan55

    dan55 Android Expert

    just checked and doesnt seem to have a setting for this.email the dev to see if they can
    add it
  20. xSithxSaviorx

    xSithxSaviorx Well-Known Member

    Yea they added it after i said that, but ill press thanks for u anyway, lol.
  21. holgalee

    holgalee Well-Known Member

    I just installed Go Launcher today and like that it's good for customising my homescreen. Instead of using Desktop Visualiser, I can just tap on the original icon of an app and choose replace. ;) The app drawer has 3 tabs: all, recent and running. I'm surprised that there are so many running apps! Not sure whether it's accurate though. Can anyone confirm?

    Hope to read more reviews about this app.
  22. Lukehluke

    Lukehluke Android Expert

    That is a very cool launcher and it seems to have more features than the others.

    Keep up the good work :)
  23. Spoggy

    Spoggy Newbie

    I've fully customised my layout and stuff, but what IS 'System Persistent'?
  24. Really awesome UI for this launcher!
  25. jimdroid

    jimdroid Android Expert

    I switched from LP Pro and so far, I'm loving Go Launcher. It's more stable and has a nice feel to it. I love having a built-in easy, fast way to end a task.

    I also love the flexibility in adding screens.

    Finding widgets for it was a bit of a challenge; I wound up using a combination of CurveFish widgets and some others (such as Airplane Mode Widget). Still haven't found a 4G widget that works correctly, but I don't use 4G that often, so going to settings isn't a big deal.

    This is a great launcher, IMO. If you haven't tried it out, you should :)


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