Help Go Launcher Issues


Anyone having trouble getting to preferences for Go Launcher? Everytime I install I can not get to preferences for some reason. I may have to give up on it.


I am having troube getting to preferences also. I have googled and searched and searched my phone but cannot find a preferences button or app anywhere. I've uninstalled and reinstalled with still nothing. Going into settings and display just gets me into my old launchers stuff.
SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO GET TO PREFERENCES? Without it I feel like I didn't really install a different launcher.


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Er, whatever key or button you normally press to bring up the Menu screen. On most Android phones I think it's a physical button.


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Did you make go launcher your default?
When you press the home key it should ask which launcher you want to use.
The preferences is on a tab when you press the menu button, the 3 vertical dots.


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OK, when you have go launcher set up as your default launcher, you should see three vertical dots on the lower right corner next to your home, back and recent buttons.
this is the "menu" button in android 4.0

press that, then choose prefrences as shown in the pic below.

I expect a "thanks" because i installed Go and took a screen cap, then edited it just for you :)


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Doesn't necessarily mean my attempt to help is any less applicable. AFAIK pretty much all Android devices have some sort of implementation of a "Menu button".

Please research ICS, it in fact does not have a the "standard" implementation of the "hard buttons...