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Go with a Vibrant?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VolFan24, Aug 8, 2010.

  1. VolFan24

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    Howdy all! I've tried searching the Vibrant for a similar thread and couldn't really find one. If there is on, I apologize in advance for posting this. I'm in Afghanistan right now about to go home from deployment. I had Verizon and got rid of it when I deployed. I liked their service but IMO their plans were way to expensive vs. the competition. So I will be needing a new phone and am having trouble deciding which one to get. When I first saw the Galaxy S lineup, I fell in love. Now that it's been out for several weeks, I'm hoping to get some feedback from those of you that actually have been able to use the Vibrant. I have several questions that I would apppreciate any feedback on. I found that if I get the Vibrant off Amazon.com with a new contract that I can get the phone for $100 (seems like an amazing deal to me, AT&T's version is only 89...but ppfftt to AT&T)) but don't want to jump the gun.

    First, I've read the bugs thread and noticed that there are some bugs with the phone. Have these, for the most part, been taken care of? One in particular I've seen that worries me most is that some of the phones are getting like two hours of battery life and having to be exchanged. Does anybody know if I buy the phone through Amazon and have that issue will I be able to take it into the T-Mobile store near me and switch it out? Other than that, are there any other major bugs that I should know about when deciding?

    The next thing, and possibly the most important, is ya'lls opinion on T-Mobile service. I'm talking cell service, not customer service. I don't want to get a device that has cruddy service. I split my time between middle Tennessee and San Antonio, Texas. I've talked to one individual who has T-Mo (HTC Pro Touch 2, i think) and said he has no issues either place. Just speaking in general, do you guys have good service and connection with the Vibrant?

    The last thing i was curious about (atm...i'm sure as soon as i post this something else will hit me) is how the vibrant stacks up against the droid x? have any of you used/played with both of them? As it stands now, i'm looking at either of these two devices as my new phone and any input from those who have experience on both devices.

    That's all i can think of right now, and i would appreciate any input. I've never had a smartphone, hate apple, and am in love with the Galaxy S (or as much as one can be from looking at it on the internet). I've looked at T-Mo's coverage and seen that it seems to be in every place i'd need it, and the fact their upping their network in the near future is great. However, I would really like to get some first hand in-put on the device, as i plan on ordering my phone online a few days before i get home.

    thanks again for any and all help

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  2. Mark27

    Mark27 Member

    The device is simply put, the best on the market in terms of hardware. It is the best piece of computer you can have pretend be your phone. The only downside to this phone and why it is not ridiculously easy choice for people is that, it does have several bugs/flaws that need to be worked out. (GPS, Battery indicator, quality consistency, and compass)

    There does seem to be a consistency problem with construction too, at least with the first batches of phones. Amazon has a pretty good return policy though, I have been using them for years. If you live in any urban area, chances are T-Mobile
    s network is faster there than the competition. If it is a rural area, chances are they will be slower than the competition.

    But, this phone will amaze you, specially if you have never had a smart phone before. The battery life on my phone is a little subpar, but T-Mobile is shipping me out a new battery for FREE anyways. Plus on Ebay, you can by two batteries for 12 USD. So battery is not really an issue. You simply are not going to find a better phone at least until September, which is unlikely, or until xmas time.

    For once T-Mobile has the best phone, the cheapest service, and the fastest plans. Glad I stuck with them. I think all customer support sucks in total, but T-Mobile does have its own shining moments.
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  3. Robinelli

    Robinelli Android Enthusiast

    Thank you for your service to our country.

    I have tried a lot of phones in the past few weeks <<<Blushing>>>, I bought and returned a Mytouch Slide, IPhone 4, and HTC EVO 4G. I am staying with the Vibrant. I think you should evaluate what features you want on the phone and then make a decision. Everything out right now is awesome. You really can't go wrong.
  4. VegasTouch

    VegasTouch Android Enthusiast

    What? How did you get them to do that? Theydidnt offer me a thing and i went to two stores and called the loyalty department. They only wanted to offer me solutions.
  5. Mark27

    Mark27 Member

    Honestly, they're really iffy on reliability for customer services. I usually got anything I wanted from them, I request it, and I get it. Lately, they have been trying to act like I wasn't a loyalty member with a 7-8 year tenure.

    But, I think it has to do with finding the right representative. One representative was not offering me a full discount, but the previous did so they had to honor it. I am still in the fourteen day window as well, so that definitely has something to do with it.

    They were starting to piss me off, but some representatives made up for it. The fact is, customer service is generally shit at any company, if you disagree your standards are low. T-Mobile has representatives that are just like you or me sometimes, and that is why they get great reviews.

    I think customer service representatives should be more knowledgeable than me, but our standards are set really low.
  6. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member

    Thanks for your service VolFan, hope you have a great homecoming!

    I don't have the Vibrant yet, but I'm about to get it - it's a replacement for my Samsung Behold II which is a piece of garbage. Went to the Tmo store to check out the Vibrant today, and I can confirm most of the positive things people say. It's definitely better in person than it looks on the web, and you can't appreciate the screen and graphics until you see them in person - it's like a high-end HDTV in a small package. It is very lightweight and thin, and all plastic, but I disagree with people saying it seems cheap. It feels very solid and well-built, which I think is very impressive considering that it's all plastic and so lightweight - no bending, flexing or creaking. I would actually prefer if it was heavier, or made (partly) of metal, but it doesn't seem cheap.

    I'm very skeptical of Samsung because of the Behold II mess, but the Vibrant is really a beauty. I feel confident Samsung will update and support it due to their aggressive marketing of the Galaxy S line and worldwide release. And if they don't, the modding community will be all over it, and they're pretty awesome. I will be giving it a workout through my 14-day return period, though, and if anything is suspect I will swap it for a new one, since it does seem like the build quality is inconsistent.
  7. noonehereyet

    noonehereyet No One...

    The galaxy is their flag ship and on every major carrier in the US as well as major carriers in EU so they can not allow this phone to fail or they will fail in the android world so you wont have the debacle that the behold II was....
  8. Bugdog

    Bugdog Well-Known Member

    I would never get it otherwise - did a lot of reading here and on XDA before making up my mind. Even if Samsung does a bad job supporting it, CM and others are working on it, so it'll be well supported whether officially or unofficially. Either way is fine by me. :cool:
  9. robo21

    robo21 Android Expert

    Volfan, I love the Vibrant. It's not perfect but no device is perfect. I think this comes closer, for what I need, than anything else out there. I wanted a device I could use as a phone, to easily access the Internet, my email, with GPS and a good, clear screen. The Vibrant is simply the best device Tmobile has to offer.

    The GPS works on my phone and several others so don't believe everything you read. Some people have nothing better to do than sit around with testing software and whine about the poor results while at the same time ignoring the real world tests. A few people have serious GPS issues which could be fixed with a product exchange.

    While it may be slow locking up, it does work for navigation. I think that whatever deficiencies there are with the GPS they will be fixed with the first update.

    Careful though, once you get a Vibrant there may be no going back. Every phone I look at now pales.

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