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Nov 30, 2009
Hi, I am an owner of a Touch pro on sprint. I've been waning the idea of switching to the moment. I am really intrigued by the Android OS and lots and lots of free apps. I think the MS marketplace has like 3 apps or so..haha. SO, I've been checking all the stuff I do with my TP that are must haves and seeing if they are doable on the moment. So far I haven't found too many things I can't do and many are even better than the TP! hah! But, I have a question. I use my phone for business emailing and contacts and such. I really need to be able to view office doc's and pdf's and email them too. How is the functionality there? Do you think HTC Sync would work for the Moment? I was at my local sprint store and almost left with one but my wife gave me that look.....hehe.
Hmmmmm, OK, I found a couple of threads that sorta addressed my problem but I'm more confused now! haha. I think I'm just gonna have to do the test're out 30 day thing and see for myself.....Thanks anyway
I went from the TP to the Moment and have not regretted it for one second. I use Exchange activesync and PDFs all the time. Documents2Go, a third party app, will handle all of your office files. There are others for pdfs.

Definetely try it for 30 days. Everything I wanted on WM can be found for the Android, and you will be amazed at how intuitive and simple some of the more cumbersome WM features can be on the Android.
yea definitely try it out. you have 30 days. im on my second cuz pandahome screwed it up. -_-
Oh kool! I actually got some responces! Thanks! Yeah, I gonna definitely try it out. Thats the only way. eh, is kahale a hawaiian name? As you can see I'm from Maui. hehe
yeah, documents to go (free version) by dataviz allows word & excel viewing. i think the paid version gives you more, but i'm not sure. there are bunch of free pdf viewers as well... and i believe the phone may have a default pdf viewer. attaching those documents to e-mails is no problem as well.