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Going from Fresh 1.1 to Fresh 2.1.2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jondiehl, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. jondiehl

    jondiehl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Quick question... I rooted and installed Fresh 1.1 a while back, and have been very happy (wifi tether, no bloatware, etc). I figured that I would stick to that until the official 2.1 update came out, which it did, but I never went back to stock to grab it and wanted to see how it panned out.

    Glad I did, now that 2.1 can be rooted and Fresh 2.1.2 is available.

    Anyway, my quick question is, do I have to unroot, get the official 2.1 update, root again, then flash to Fresh 2.1.2, or can I simply go straight from Fresh 1.1 to Fresh 2.1.2? I'm sure it's been asked already, but I searched and wasn't able to find a thread detailing that process.

    I'm guessing that I just goto recovery mode, then load up the new Fresh 2.1.2 ROM and I'm good to go?

    Any help is much appreciated!


  2. mysticmead

    mysticmead Android Expert

    boot into recovdery... wipe data/factory reset...then wipe davlik...then flash Fresh 2.1.2 then flash the SU fix.. reboot and you're good to go..

    *note. it is REQUIRED to wipe before flashing from 1.5 to 2.1..wiping WILL remove contacts and apps.
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  3. jondiehl

    jondiehl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Awesome! Thanks for the quick response.

    I was never able to get contacts to sync with Google, even though I had run an app (ContactSync) to convert all phone contacts to Google contacts, so I'm hoping this 2.1 update will allow me to finally keep my contacts synced with the phone via my Gmail account.

    I just backed them up to a cvs file (using the Export Contacts app) and imported them into my Gmail account manually. After I'm back up and running, hopefully the phone will finally be able to grab those contacts that way. If not, I guess I'll have to reload them from a nandroid backup? I don't remember having to backup my apps and contacts with the Fresh 1.1 flash, although it will be kind of nice to erase everything and start from scratch!
  4. HeikoMax

    HeikoMax Member

    I know this is mentioned in other threads but check out Titanium Backup available for free in The Market. After reading about it here, I used it to backup and reload my apps after flashing Fresh 2.1.2. It works very well. One tip: Some people have had some issues running Ti Backup after the flash as did I but a simple fix is to make sure you have debugging set to "on". That ought to fix it.
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  5. roland365

    roland365 Well-Known Member

    can u flash from 2.0 to 2.2? or do i need to nano backup again
  6. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    Please be more specific. 2.0 what? Let's put it this way:

    If you are coming from any other ROM other than Fresh 2.1.1, you must Wipe Data and Dalvik. If you are coming from Fresh 2.1.1 you do not have to wipe at all to upgrade to 2.1.2.
  7. jondiehl

    jondiehl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks. Just got home and about to do this upgrade, but first I'll go grab that app to backup my apps (I was going to just write down what I wanted to reinstall, lol).
  8. jondiehl

    jondiehl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Well, that was easy, took all of 10 minutes. Thanks again guys.

    I did get the "error run wipe dalvik via adb" thing, but looking at other threads, it seemed that I could go ahead and flash, which I did to 2.1.2 and then flashed the SU fix.

    Last question.... if I want to restore my apps, contacts, and shortcuts on the home screens, I should do that the Ti Backup I downloaded from the Market and NOT the Nand Backup I made (which would put it back to Fresh 1.1), correct? thx

    P.S. I'm happy to see that the phone is now syncing contacts with my Gmail account. FINALLY! That was the first thing I checked, after I had loaded up my cvs file into Gmail, and sure enough they're all there.
  9. 330D

    330D From My Cold Dead Hands

    Nandroid will put it back to Fresh 1.1. Ti backup will get your apps back.(The paid Ti backup will) If you didn't buy it, buy it and it will restore them for you....

    As long as you did a backup before....
  10. meangreengdub

    meangreengdub Android Enthusiast

    I've got DC 2.08.1 and I have some problems with it. For some reason, when getting texts, the contacts pictures dont show up (and yes, the setting to have them turned on is selected). Also, when I click menu 2X to unlock, it pops up the menu to change wallpaper, setting and all that.

    If I flash to Fresh 2.1.2, should I wipe data and davlik before I flash it? Also, Fresh 2.1.2 uses Sense, correct? I think last time I flashed it Sense was disabled and in Applications I wasn't able to clear defaults to get it turned on. Thanks!
  11. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    If you have DC you need to wipe data and davlik. If you are using apps2sd you need to wipe EXT as well.

    As far as Sense is concerned, yes it uses it. However, you can use LauncherPro which is included in the ROM. This disables Sense and all widgets that are associated with it. I prefer LauncherPro to the default launcher, but that is just me :)
  12. meangreengdub

    meangreengdub Android Enthusiast

    Ok, awesome. And what does the patch do that he recommends you flash after?
  13. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    The SU patch? You need that. It fixes the SU error.
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  14. meangreengdub

    meangreengdub Android Enthusiast

    Ok, thanks! I'm going to try it out.
  15. meangreengdub

    meangreengdub Android Enthusiast

    What if I get an error when I try and wipe davlik?
  16. -l3x-

    -l3x- Member

    Ok. I need a clear understanding on rooting from firmware 1.5 with Fresh Rom 1.1 to Firmware 2.1. I rooted my phone with Fresh ROM 1.1 and changed the kernel to 2.6.27GK-0-31. I want to enjoy the new firmware update that everyone is enjoying. My question is what documentation do i have to follow so i can be rooted in 2.1 with all my contacts, apps etc? In my current status do i have to wipe? If so, how do i save my data so that i can have my contacts, apps etc on the 2.1 update root. Also, is it worth updating to 2.1 if i am already rooted with this Fresh ROM. Is the phone any faster than what it can be when over clocked with CPU and Memory tools?

    Thank you for your time
  17. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    I really should add this to the FAQ as it has been asked a lot lately :). If you are getting that error, you can fix it by updating your Recovery Image to 1.6.2. More than likely you are running the older recovery image of 1.5.2 right? Well, there is a bug in it which makes you get that error. Here is the thing though, even though you get that error, it technically should have still wiped. My suggestion, upgrade to 1.6.2 Recovery Image.

    Lets start with some basic info for you. First, if you are already rooted DO NOT Upgrade to the Official Sprint 2.1. There is no need to, you already have root.

    Second, if you want to upgrade and install a new ROM that is running 2.1, you can already do that. Just put the new ROM on your SD card, boot into recovery, wipe data and dalvik and then flash the new ROM. This will wipe all of your contacts, settings, apps, etc. As for saving your info in between upgrades, if your contacts are sync'd with google (which they should be) you will get those back automatically when you enter your google info again. As for your apps, some people use Titanium Backup or something similar.

    As for it being worth it, in my opinion (and many other people's) it is worth it. 2.1 is faster, smoother, and just all around nicer. When you talk about OC and the such, you have a few options. Some ROM's that are 2.1 are already overclocked. If you really want to go that route, have it :). Otherwise, stick with a good solid 2.1 ROM.
  18. meangreengdub

    meangreengdub Android Enthusiast

    Ok and what is the easiest way to upgrade to 1.6.2?
  19. -l3x-

    -l3x- Member

    One more thing. When going to a 2.1 ROM do i have to run commands for OTA?
  20. mysticmead

    mysticmead Android Expert

    the easiest way??

    run Fresh Kitchen. on the root page check the box for flash RA only. then click the root button.. takes 30 seconds.

    btw.. thought you wanted to unroot the phone because you were getting and EVO.. glad to see ya changed your mind
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  21. skoo9382

    skoo9382 Member

    this may be a stupid questions........i went from Fresh 1.1, to Fresh 2.0d, to Fresh 2.1.1, and now hoping to move up to Fresh 2.1.2, What is the SU Patch and where can i get it to flash?
  22. ccapasso

    ccapasso Android Expert

    No. You do not do any OTA. You flash the ROM...end of story :). No need to do an OTA.

    Yes you need the SU patch. It is required for any apps that require root access (shoot me, wireless tether, etc). You get it from the link that Flipz provided. If you look at his ROM (2.1.2) you will see that he gives you a link for it.

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